GM Alexandr Fier – GM Ian Nepomniachtchi, Tropmpowski attack, Blitz chess

Blitz chess and rapid chess video. Live blitz and rapid chess.
“Aeroflot” blitz tournament 2019, Rapid chess and blitz chess tournaments

GM Alexandr Fier – GM Ian Nepomniachtchi, Tropmpowski attack, Blitz chess

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Ian Alexandrovich Nepomniachtchi is a Russian chess grandmaster. He was a member of the gold medal-winning Russian team at the 2013 World Team Chess Championships.
Blitz chess (also known as speed or fast chess) is a type of chess in which each player is given less time to consider their moves than normal tournament time controls allow. Openings, tactics and strategy are same.


  1. Parabéns Fier , vc representou bonito ….
    (Humildade x arrogância)

  2. Tadinho do russo. Tem que dar a mamadeira de carne pra ele.

  3. Muito bom Fier, jogou como os melhores

  4. People talking badly about Nepo, he is a fucking human being, he has emotions, so what he got angy? No need to make such a fuss about it

  5. Terrible attitude and sportsmanship on the part of Nepo. I expect better from him, smh…

  6. nepo was winning but displayed too much cool factor and as a result he lost

  7. Nepo – if he doesn't accept losing one game or another, he'd better abandon chess and start doing something else

  8. Вынесли как новичка. За собой, расставлять фигуры кто будет?

  9. Baby face and child's attitude – it's normal for someone like him to do that.
    Congratulations, GM A. Fier!

  10. treta no futebol voadora treta no xadrez ain derrubei as peças do adversário kkkkkk

  11. Fair play foi pro espaço , nos tempos de escola jogando xadrez sempre aprendi que se deve cumprimentar o adversário e apos a partida colocar de volta as peças na posição inicial, Nepo é mal perdedor e espero que a elite brasileira no xadrez vença ele sempre kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. Nepo threw the pieces and thought: I'm going to a place where nobody finds me :).

  13. Dá até raiva de pensar q esse cara pode ser campeão mundial de xadrez.

  14. O cara fica puto por perder um blitz kkkkkk

  15. Ele não pode acusar o Fier de usar engine pois está ao vivo, então ele chuta o tabuleiro, parece paranoico, pode ser um perigo para a sociedade cuidado pessoal, ele está solto.

  16. um monstro, uma besta enjaulada, o grande mestre dos sacrifícios, lenda do xadrez a frente do seu tempo… ele mesmo, Fier, senhoras e senhores!

  17. The baby was crying locked in his room, being harsh with the mother asking for sweets.

  18. Nepo como sempre um péssimo perdedor! Ridículo essa atitude, parabéns ao Fier

  19. People praise Nepo of being a great guy etc, but he's accused others of cheating despite no evidence and tends to be snarky, during the world championship against Magnus he's commented on play which is very weird and not at all a common thing done during a world champ especially when Nepo is there purely to dethrone Magnus.

    I'm glad Magnus took risks with still many draws but ultimately has won two games as of commenting. I believe Magnus is the greatest player in the world, and I'm pretty confident that'll stick for quite a number of years into the future.

    For someone like Ian to throw pieces on camera, I wonder how he is without a camera, I think people need to stop assuming they're seeing the person for themselves at a Dubai world championship, it's quite silly to do so.

  20. Doesn't seem like the polite Ian who has just lost the world championship

  21. Nepo is kind of a neurotic baby. Caruana has the most class of all the super GM's, always behaves like a mature adult, which among other things makes him so likeable. The two biggest babies that can play each other Is Naka vs Nepo.

  22. Atropelou e chutou na boca, como diria o Molhas!

  23. Até eu que estou aprendendo já ganho dos russo. Imagina o nosso campeão brasileiro. Fier foi superior do começo ao fim. Achei ante desportista o comportamento do russo.

  24. Is this standard chess etiquette to topple over the taken pieces after losing?

  25. What a bad attitude by Nepo. Disgusting

  26. Nepo 👎
    Treba svi da se ugledaju na Ananda u ovakvim situacijama, skidam mu kapu.

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