GM Alexander Morozevich – WIM Lupik Marina, Sicilian Defense, Blitz chess

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GM Alexander Morozevich – WIM Lupik Marina, Sicilian Defense, Blitz chess

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The Sicilian Defence is a chess opening that begins with the following moves:

1. e4 c5

The Sicilian is the most popular and best-scoring response to White’s first move 1.e4. 1.d4 is a statistically more successful opening for White due to the high success rate of the Sicilian defence against 1.e4.New In Chess stated in its 2000 Yearbook that of the games in its database, White scored 56.1% in 296,200 games beginning 1.d4, but 54.1% in 349,855 games beginning 1.e4, mainly due to the Sicilian, which held White to a 52.3% score in 145,996 games.

17% of all games between grandmasters, and 25% of the games in the Chess Informant database, begin with the Sicilian. Almost one quarter of all games use the Sicilian Defence.

Grandmaster John Nunn attributes the Sicilian Defence’s popularity to its combative nature; in many lines Black is playing not just for equality, but for the advantage. The drawback is that White often obtains an early initiative, so Black has to take care not to fall victim to a quick attack.” Grandmaster Jonathan Rowson considered why the Sicilian is the most successful response to 1.e4, even though 1…c5 develops no pieces, and the pawn on c5 controls only d4 and b4. Rowson writes:

To my mind there is quite a straightforward explanation. In order to profit from the initiative granted by the first move, White has to make use of his opportunity to do something before Black has an equal number of opportunities of his own. However, to do this, he has to make ‘contact’ with the black position. The first point of contact usually comes in the form of a pawn exchange, which leads to the opening of the position. … So the thought behind 1…c5 is this: “OK, I’ll let you open the position, and develop your pieces aggressively, but at a price – you have to give me one of your center pawns.”

Blitz chess (also known as speed or fast chess) is a type of chess in which each player is given less time to consider their moves than normal tournament time controls allow. Openings, tactics and strategy are same.


  1. After she pressed the button Moro should adjust his pieces much longer to give her more time advantage.

  2. Растерялась.

  3. 2:05 attempted smother mate- took me a while to see it but the grandmaster recognized it instantly

  4. 3:42 Nd5
    First I was surprised "why????" Then I realised next moves, I shouted in russian: "Бляяяяяя! "

  5. Oh, what a lot of ex world champions commenting this video.

  6. Who wouldnt be nervous to play against john wick

  7. Look at the look in her face when she see the system he play Qxd4 than Qd2 lol she look so confuse !

  8. 4. Qd2!? GMs are on such a high level of chess understanding than us club players!

  9. Nervous
    Opening step
    Thats 2 needs improvment

  10. There is a great game between morozevich and J. Polgar, in which Moro plays the same system and won performing a great attack.

  11. The man has flair and dignity with a pinch of Saitama Qd2 that says it all.

  12. Tang inang to oh. Kinantot mo nanaman yan ano!??? Kinantot mona yan ano.

  13. I didn't see Nd5 either 🙂 After that it was game over

  14. По выражению лица этой прекрасной девушки понял, что позиция у нее ужасная , глянул на доску – да , так и есть.

  15. Sneaky Rh3. I didn't understand this move until Knight landed on d5! Morozevitch style is still alive!

  16. He was much calmer than the lady, respect to both

  17. I dream to play this good. But sadly I then wake up. . . . .

  18. It's hard to say that he is a gentleman. To beat a woman like this.. I don't know..

  19. how lovely she is and her priceless expression if i would play with her i will always let her win….

  20. If I could play against Morozevich, I guess I can resist at most 25 moves…

  21. He still got so many moves at his disposal. Amazing preparation at the opening.

  22. She is surprised by the fifth move. Cmon Moro play some theory 😂

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