Game Analysis by Grandmaster Daniil Dubov: FIDE World Rapid Championship 2022

🌟Dive into an incredible match between two chess titans – Daniil Dubov vs. Anish Giri. Join World Chess and glean insights from these top players! #DaniilDubov #AnishGiri #Chess


  1. This guy remembered the whole game and not only the game he remembered all the variations of endgames all upto the very end

  2. i thought this guy is young bobby fischer for a sec when looking at the thumbnail 😅

  3. U should review the game between
    GM Ian nepomniatchtchi vs GM Dubov😂

  4. Camera angle should be a bit higher to more clearly see the board.

  5. Wel come to Dubov planet😊

  6. The endgame is so brilliant, I'm really amused by an option of even giving away the queen on G and still check mate. Daniil is a genius

  7. GM Dubov analysis of a game with GM Giri, on a slowy Noveber lazy Sunday morning. Thank you World Chess, love it.

  8. He looked to Rb8 most of his time . 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣 the psychochess

  9. Right from the creator! It’s a privilege to hear you. ❤

  10. Everyone else talk about plans and structures. Dubov spends his 20 minutes talking about the deepest tactical variations

  11. Great Genius ,great game,thanks FIDE Chess❤🎉

  12. What I really love about GMs analysing their games is the fact that they seem to learn new things every single time, making the distance between them and beginners like me incomprehensibly larger. What a game chess is, what a player Dubov is, what a pleasure it is to belong to this era!

  13. Why do we not see him in major torunaments

  14. I remember this game. Great compensation and activity for black

  15. Thanks chess nm in time fun for all

  16. No one says something regarding that he remembers every move done in the game, this is anohter level from the analysis from guys here in youtube every move analysis is already prepared but them the GMs remember everything that is astonishing!

  17. I wish you would just properly show the real board without the digital one!

  18. woa nice content… he is one of the most creative supergrandmasters we have today. you should make more videos in this format

  19. Спасибо за видео с Дубовым! Даня невероятный шахматист, хотелось бы побольше контента с ним

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