FIDE World Rapid Team Championship 2023 FINAL RECAP

The inaugural FIDE World Rapid Team Championship took place in Düsseldorf, Germany, from August 26-28, 2023.

It was an event with an incredible atmosphere, friendly yet highly competitive. It was a blast for numerous spectators who witnessed top players in action and collected coveted autographs and photos. It was a valued experience for amateur players and kids who played alongside the strongest grandmasters in the world in pursuit of a common goal. And it was an incredible triumph for team ‘WR Chess’, which claimed the trophy with one round to spare2.

We are already looking forward to the second edition next year!



  1. Russians should be not allowed they support putler

  2. Thank you Fide for putting on and streaming this event for the world

  3. This channel produces topnotch videography man. Give your staff a raise! 😊

  4. Pragg Duda Abdu Nepo So in the same team. Thats unfair. should certainly split team all

  5. What a wonderful event this was. More like this please!

  6. This is just unfair. All the beasts in the same team😢.
    This was bound to happen

  7. Hou Yifan beat Shuvalova, Hou Yifan beat Muzychuk, Hou Yifan beat Lagno, Hou Yifan dominated!💪

  8. Credit to the coach Jan G who brought the players together and of course the players who did the historic job.

  9. I Love The Joy Here. Can't wait to be a Top Player

  10. could anypne tell Hou Yifan that it was good to play with man to mention that women as good as man in chess but we need a champion that plays in a tournoment as a cleal favorite

  11. This event was nice one team tournament always good

  12. This was a pleasantly refreshing new tournament in the era of seemingly endless online rapid or blitz events or month long classical tournaments. Hope it continues to grow.

  13. Ok… but this is no recap, is it FIDE?

  14. This is not a recap, just a few impressions. Stealing my time…

  15. I also lend my Thanks to All John ❤ loved it

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