FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship 2021 | Day 3

The 2021 World Rapid & Blitz Championship and Women’s Rapid & Blitz Championship are elite events organized by FIDE to determine the best players in fast time controls in the world. The championship features Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Anish Giri and more! The players will compete in two Swiss tournaments for their piece of the $1,000,000.00 prize fund.

FIDE World Rapid and Blitz details:

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  1. There was a perpetual what was Magnus doing lmao so bad why did he even try to play for the win lmfao cringe

  2. Former champ gets 9.5. As does 3 other players. But two other players faced on avarage "stronger opponents" so they got a better tie break and gets to play for the title.

    So the format is unfair to the current defending champ? Because he was the highest rated?


  3. a teen dude no one heard of, has beaten Magnus, Nipo and Caruana! hahaha

  4. Hikaru was coughing so much it must be hard to consentrate for the opponents.

  5. 4:28:00 Can someone explain why Carlsen 6-4-1 has as many pts. (9) as Abdusattorov 7-3-1?

  6. It's a scam. They want a new champion. Of course, Magnus will be one of the toughest opponents. So, a multi-player tie will eliminate him.

  7. this is the one of the worst streams ever to much movement of pieces while not showing the live board and they cant even keep the clocks correct

    6:37:01 👈 CHAMP FINALE TIME

  9. To all of you who are saying that Nodirbek didn’t deserve the win he absolutely did. He beat Carlsen and Nepo. Kudos to the 17 year old. 👏

  10. man.. Ian misses the title again 🙁 Nodirbek kinda looks like Carlsen in the face too

  11. Eval bar in the end was like with sub battles of Hikaru vs Levy 😀

  12. This tiebreak system is disappointing. Having the exact same score as 2 or 3 other players and you dont get a shot at the title ? I hope FIDE removes this rule soon.

  13. Danya or Hess instead of hammer for blitz please

  14. Love how this stream has consistently been ignoring complaints about how god awful the coverage has been, yet now we arent even talking about it because fide figured out how to fuck up even harder

  15. so Nodirbek won against Magnus, Nepo and Caruana and u still crying that he didnt deserve to win this tournament? Naka didnt lose any game and still didnt played in finals…

  16. 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  17. can you stop sharing your thoughts on what could happen? like we lost visual of the board so many time I wanted to just stop watching….

  18. Who let this clown in pink PJ to the stage, while FIDE has strict dress code for players…

  19. Congrats to the new youngest Rapid Chess Champion GM Nodirbek Abdussatorov, ….. briliant young man

  20. Rule is stupid!
    Yes players should have protested prior to the tournament.
    Still we are denied a great final


  22. hammer went gus johnson on that final game 😂

  23. Is having a “woman’s” side sexist??? I honestly don’t know, Im just asking.

  24. I must say I'm so disappointed in this format. It's simply too random who wins!!! They should change the format so that after 13 games the top 4 players with the most earned points would meet in semifinals culminating in a grand finale (best out of 3 games in all finals)

  25. Please don't invite neither Irina nor hammer..they are so boring..because of them I had to watch leko.. needless to say I liked it..

  26. Its bush league psyche out Fide stuff here

  27. Please replace this horrible commentator. thx

  28. lets recap the end. Magnus had no chance of getting into the final in a draw because he was the reigning world champion and the strongest player. That makes sense. NOT. Which damn fools made these rules

  29. i just imagine hikaru getting ready before leaving the house: okay, i got a clean shave, my nice ironed shirt, my dress pants, hair did..just let me grab my g-fuel shaker cup and I'll be on my way.

  30. a little less on board analysis (or no analysis at all) on a live game would be nice.

  31. next generation of chess champion has emerged..

  32. Nepo reminds me of Jimmy White in snooker who was never world champion but always a runner up.

  33. It is a pity that Nepomniashtchi's name is often pronounced wrongly. It is just "ne'pomnishi", with the stress on the second syllable, not pronouncing the "a" at all.

  34. How can you even fuck up the board?
    also nakamura hasn't lost, so wy is there a L there?

  35. My favorite player is Caruano but I don’t mind him and carlsen getting burned by the draws at the end of the tourney. I don’t have a good solution other than making wins worth more (which I know will never happen) but I just don’t like how making draws is such a big part of chess. Especially the kind where they go for the under 10 move draw like Fabi’s last game. Another issue I haven’t heard a discussion about is the women’s winner getting a free draw from her countrywoman in a game she was clearly worse in the opening.

  36. 01:27:21 Position: White – Qc7, Kb6, h7 Black – Qh8, Ka4, b5
    This is actually a draw!! Carlsen just blunders it, in the time battle. Here is how he should have played it:

    1. Qc2+, Ka3 2.Qd3+, Ka2 3.Kc5 and here Magnus could continue with multiple checks 3…Qf8+ 4.Kxb5 Qb8+ 5.Ka6 Qa8+ 6.Kb6 Qb8+ 7.Ka5 Qa8+ 8.Kb4 Qe7+ 9.Kc3 Qf6+ 10.Qd4 Qf3+ 11.Kc2 Qc6+ 12.Kd3 Qf3+ 13.Qe3 Qd5+ 14.Kc3 Qb3+ and so on. There is always a check available somewhere.

    Though after 3…b4? the game is lost for black. White will now have the "check initiative" forcing a queen trade sooner or later. Though after 4.Qd2+ Ka1?? black loses on the spot after 5.Qd4+ Qxd4 6.Kxd4 b3 7.h8Q b2 8.Qa8+ Kb1 9.Kc3! Kc1 10.Qh1#

    Carlsen could however fought a little longer and white has to be rather precis to win this. Instead after 4.Qd2+ Carlsen could of course have played 4…Kb1 moving to a light square with his King. Then 5.Qxb4+ Ka2 6.Qa4+, Kb1 (…Kb2?? 7.Qd4+) 7.Qe4+ Ka2 8.Qg2+ Kb1 but if now 9.Qg8? as seems natural, that move will again end in a draw!! Black will now have the "check initiative" after 9…Qe5+ and so on, like the line above.

    So the way for white to win in this position is to move his Queen up the board with 9.Qg6+ Kb2! (…Ka2?? Qg8+ with a check!) and here comes the winning move for white 10.Kd5! Yes, white will give back the "check initiative" to black, but here white can protect with his Queen also moving his King closer to his h-pawn. This is the winning strategy! 10…Qd8+ 11.Qd6 Qa8+ 12.Qc6 Qd8+ 13.Ke6! and black is out of checks.

    Even Grandmasters can sometimes blunder. Even though the position technically is a win for white, it must be proven on the board with just a 10 second increment.

  37. Magnus is going down he is so dull and becoming very arrogant, well a 17 years old won all those big names he was the best tactical player in this championship he will become world champion in a couple of years..

  38. What does shadu mean. I spelled it wrong. I have never heard of that rule before.

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