FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship 2021 | Day 2

The 2021 World Rapid & Blitz Championship and Women’s Rapid & Blitz Championship are elite events organized by FIDE to determine the best players in fast time controls in the world. The championship features Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Anish Giri and more! The players will compete in two Swiss tournaments for their piece of the $1,000,000.00 prize fund.

FIDE World Rapid and Blitz details:

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  1. Why is this commentator screaming so much … Can't you hire proper commentators and not random GMs? They are good as guests but please put the broadcast into the hands of a professional …

  2. Teach Hammer how to pronounce Grischuk. It is irritating.

  3. Jon Hammer constantly overtalks and often doesn't let Irina Krush talk. He even mansplains to her.

  4. Hammer is just irritating!! Aw Aw Aw talking constantly. Very choppy. Is this the best that they have?? I could find 30 people that could do WAY better. Most chess commentators are an embarrassment!!!

  5. Impossible to follow the live moves with all the overlay. Should do the overlay and comment in a side window and keep the live board on the main screen

  6. So much better to watch Norwegian TV, we only watch Magnus games.

  7. commentary, esp. hammer is so bad. please replace, also please keep the live board and analyze on another. is it soo hard?

  8. Time stamps letting us know who plays when would be good. If y’all need to hire a volunteer/intern DM me!

  9. Need to come up with a way to show the correct live position at all times—even if one of the commentators just does it manually. We know the electronic boards are having problems, but this stream is totally unwatchable (and it doesn't have to be that way).

  10. Can someone tell GM Hammer to let GM Irina Krush speak. He's awful. I'd rather listen to GM Krush. Dude turn down the volume. I'm not deaf!!! Uugghhh!!!

  11. GM Krush really ruins these videos for me

  12. This GM HAMMER is so slow at getting the board up and also he is loud af

  13. Watched about 10 minutes of this before giving up; Hammer is just too much to tolerate. (He's an insufferable jerk!) Please fix the situation.

  14. I agree, hammer did talk over Krush, but for good reason. She was clueless.

  15. Magnus! stop schlepping plastic bottles… . we are NOT BUYING

  16. Please tell me Hess or Danya replace Hammer tomorrow…

  17. Oh yeah.. all these players you're following EXCEPT HIKARU! That's OK. He'll still be there at the end! Then you'll talk about how amazing he is. .. after touting all these weako's that he beats regularly. GO HIKARU, GO HIKARU, GO HIKARU!
    Hammerhead telling you all the bad moves these players are making… funny, 'cause HE CAN'T BEAT ANY OF THEM!

  18. Can the casters please stop jumping game to game or at least recap the moves since we last saw the position? Multiple times they jump back to a game where the position has completely swung with no coverage of how it happened. I understand they want to cover more games but couldn’t they use the downtime between rounds to replay a key match of the round or something?

  19. The broadcast is all messed up. The cameras, time clocks, live board, and analysis board. What’s going on with all that

  20. It is a bit annoying watching this stream. The video shows that there were already 4 moves and the commentators talk about an old position and discuss their ideas.

  21. I have to admit that GM Hammer is a good name for a nerd.

  22. Terrible coverage. So far behind the live play it's not funny and as a result speculation about moves and positions that were completely irrelevant. I'm not really interested in the commentary. Please show a board of the live play – without alteration – all the time.

  23. "Wooooooow!" LOL now he'll be known for that

  24. Hammer is an entertaining commentator. Krush not so much. Honestly I don't find that they are coupled well together. I would also like to note that I would love if Krush was investing 5 minutes to brush nicely her hairs. I don't mind if Hammer's hairs are not well brushed, and I know that it's sexist to not demand from both commentators to invest equally on their visual appearance. But my eyes just focus automatically on those imperfections, and prevent me from enjoying her otherwise thoughtful and knowledgeable commentary.

  25. I didn’t think it was possible but, literally worse than day 1, so unwatchable. Please god don’t ruin tournaments like this.

  26. worst narrators i have ever seen.. They interfere too much with the game, I missed all the moves!!

  27. why Firouzja playing under the French flag?

  28. Hammer, just to clearify your confusion: Norway was never "own" by Sweden. The Norwegian constitution is dated 1814, 17th of May. From that point Norway had it's own parliament (Stortinget) and its own government (Regjeringen) and it's own laws. No Swedish laws applied to Norway whatsoever. We had a common king with Sweden from 19814 till 1905, at which point the Norwegian Parliament decided Norway was gonna get it's own king. King Håkon the 7th was then elected by the Norwegian population. And there was nothing Sweden had to say about this… Hammer you are smart, but please read some history! 🙂

  29. Look at all the GMs in the comments haha, OK ppl why don't you win some and take the job?

  30. wow what a mess cant get exited for any matches its all changing to fast

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