FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship 2021 | Day 1

The 2021 World Rapid & Blitz Championship and Women’s Rapid & Blitz Championship are elite events organized by FIDE to determine the best players in fast time controls in the world. The championship features Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Anish Giri and more! The players will compete in two Swiss tournaments for their piece of the $1,000,000.00 prize fund.

FIDE World Rapid and Blitz details:

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  1. hammer literally hammers his words into your head

  2. My god she won’t stop talking over Hammer

  3. Just show the game, no commentary. We’re missing the moves in real time. I can’t think with the commentary telling me what to think.


  5. i wish hammer wouldn't interrupt krush so often… im sure it isn't his intention but it comes off pretty mansplainy when he interrupts her mid-sentence as she is describing something to describe what she is describing.

  6. they couldent have picked a worse pair to commentate

  7. it is so stupid that speakers talk certain about the game like "white is not gonna win this" . well, this is human chess you never know.

  8. Magnus the 🐐tough first game for the other guy that’s a tough way to lose played soild all game one mistake and it was over

  9. Could y’all keep a live board in the corner?

  10. Not keen on this modern liberal stuff. Cajoling me into watching womens chess. Keep them apart we'll make our own choice.

  11. Trying to put a finger on what is so unsatisfying about this coverage. Think it might be all the jumping around. Just getting interested in a game, then off to another game. Not too interested in games down the table.

  12. 1) Krush’s volume is lower than hammer so you can barely hear her
    2) You turn up the volume to hear her comments
    3) hammer starts shouting and acting surprised after any decent move
    4) You turn the volume down
    5) back to step 1

  13. Hammer sounds like he spits a lot when he talks.

  14. Why didn’t you come back to the Giri vs Rasmus game, crazy blunder…

  15. Never seen this bad quality in a championship tournament, i want to see one entire game at round, not a little bit of all the games every round, and i want to know the score of all the players, not just 7/8. I'm disappointed 🙁

  16. Here is a hoping next tournament we get functional boards which update in real time. This is kind of pathetic in this day and age to be honest. Otherwise good commentary by Hammer and Irina, I guess I'm nowhere near as high rated as some here are to be annoyed by the things they mention, but I really like it when he gets excited about the game and starts shouting, it draws me in and it shows the passion he still has for the game.

  17. No disrespect to Hammer but he needs to let Irina speak.

  18. A succession of injudicious and conceited commentaries, all of which were shown to be ultimately incorrect. Ludicrous broadcasting, failing even to display one live chess board continuously on screen.

  19. Totally shameful and disappointing to see how much Hammer interrupts or ignores Krush, especially when she starts talking about women players. Can someone have a quiet word with this guy??

  20. Im just wondering what the waiting music was at the beginning lol

  21. Live position board should be the main board and hypothetical moves should be the smaller board. Becomes distracting otherwise.

  22. Watching all the openings but switching away in crucial endgames as it's about to get interesting is really annoying.

  23. There is an exciting attack unfolding, let's watch some massacre randomly each for a moment….

  24. since hammer was casting im assuming all the charismatic gms were playing eh?

  25. 7 hour video and no timestamps. Common ffs what is this. That's super unprofessional. It takes literally 10 minutes at most and makes everything sooo much easier.

  26. The broadcast is terrible. Please make sure you're either filming the board or the board to the side is showing the actual moves. This is very unprofessional

  27. Please leave it on one game at a time till the finish please the way your doing it is very frustrating

  28. Just wondering why there is still a separate men and women's events? And why the prize money is less for the women's event? Seems rather behind the times.

  29. Didnt realise Hokaru could play live chess as well

  30. Possibly the worst chess commentary of 2021

  31. My god. It's like the commentators are playing each other instead of commentating the game. Too much delay between the game and the display board.

  32. They should change the format so that after 10 games the top 4 players with the most earned points would meet in semifinals culminating in a grand finale!

  33. Hammer sounds a little bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  34. are the players not allowed to talk with eachother?

  35. I love chess and wanted to watch all 7hrs of this but the commentary was so bad and the absolute refusal to keep the live position updated made this unwatchable. I’m hoping day two is better. Stop shouting over the female caster. Stop pulling away from live positions for your base hypothetical lines when they make moves 5s later. The format is RAPID we don’t need you to fill time with worthless drivel, literally just be calm and patient and wait for them to move then talk about that move. This isn’t classical where you have 10min per move to talk. Just be okay with 5seconds of dead air and use your time more efficiently.

  36. С Новым годом!!!

  37. shame on technicians. You are all fired for being so CRAP

  38. Good game but very bad display, we watching more prediction moves and analysis than the actual game.
    Great effort to explain all the moves but would rather make theain focus on the Live game(love footage not live feed)

  39. i aint no chess player i just really enjoy watching it but the way this is brodcasted without a live board always being shown and updated is just a mess to watch….i no longer knew what were real moves what theoretical moves the casters did and aparently at times there was only theory goin 10 moves ahead while live board was something in a totally different direction ….too bad

  40. when Magnus puts his jacket on after over 120 moves it's got to be a psychological blow to his opponent.😎😎

  41. How hard is it to keep the analysis board small, the live board large and not switch away from a game while moves are being played? It’s like the people running the broadcast have adhd or something just stick with the game that was chosen to be broadcast. If there is significant time in between moves that is the perfect time to make predictions/do analysis (on the smaller board, while the larger board continues to show the live moves). Once the game you are covering finishes you may switch around boards until the next game planned to be broadcast begins. It’s very simple stuff guys not very complicated at all.

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