FIDE rapid chess rules

FIDE rapid chess rules announcement during the match “Fabiano Caruana vs Hikaru Nakamura” November 2105.
Tony Rich – Tournament Director.


  1. Can anyone help with a rule:
    During a Blitz game with both opponents down to a few seconds, a player says he is going to pause the clock (and does so) to find the Queen as he promotes a Pawn, but before replacing the Pawn with the Queen in hand, he realizes his king is in Check.
    A. Does he lose for pausing the clock while in Check?
    B. Does he get to take back the move as he is not allowed to make an illegal move?
    C. Does he get to take back the move, but there is some sort of penalty and his opponent gets extra time added to his clock?
    D. Something else?

  2. Good luck! This is a channel with Lectures and Topics for Chess Arbiters!

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