Evgeny Tomashevsky vs Magnus Carlsen – Round 4 – 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship

This is a review of World Champion Magnus Carlsen’s Round 4 game from the 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship held in United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Carlsen was black against Evgeny Tomashevsky. The opening played was the Queen’s Indian Defense, Petrosian System. Carlsen, along with all other participants, played 5 rounds each day from June 16 thru June 18th. Time controls were set at 15 minutes with a 10 second increment.

Here’s the playlist of all 15 games Magnus Carlsen played to become the 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Champion:


Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. there's a game by Fischer that he takes on h5 with the g pawn and somehow manages to trough his c6 knight into g4 to a king side attack and that h5 pawn actually acts like a suppot point, so…

  2. nice video! good analysis as usual! It'd be more awesome if the comp eval wasn't there. I know it's new, but it's just a suggestion 🙂

  3. Hey Jerry, I am still quite a novice at chess so do you mind explaining what the chess term "tempo" means?

  4. 4:40 why didn't either the rook or the bishop take the free pawn on h7?

  5. lol I laughed pretty hard at 2:22 about taking away from the center 🙂 good commentary

  6. what software do you use to analyze the moves?

  7. Jerry what chess software are you using here?  Thanks.

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