Dubov’s amazing knight manoeuvre against Magnus Carlsen | Commentary by Sagar | World Rapid 2022

Daniil Dubov is one of the most creative GMs in the world of chess. He was up against Magnus Carlsen at the World Rapid Championships 2022. The Russian GM slowly slid into an inferior position. What happened next? Well, check out this video along with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah to find out who comes out on top.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. That handshake in the end must have pierced Nepo in a distance

  2. Even in the end Dubov has more than 15 minutes on the clocks against Magnus. Amazing

  3. Si Dubov quisiera creo q podria desafiar a Carlsen, pero lo admira demasiado cmo para eso. No debería ser su amigo.

  4. dubov copy the magnus habit, playing with pieces of pawn while thinking

  5. Thora rest lo iar
    Hum ko bhi sochney ki mouka do bhai
    Bap re bap

  6. Gift me an electronic chess board 😇 please ❤

  7. At 7:54 Magnus first adjusts the position of his c4 pawn and then moves his king. Doesn't he violate the touch-move rule here? Of course it wasn't his intention to play that pawn, but technically it's an error, no? (it would be ridiculous to lose a game like this though and I'm glad he wasn't punished for it)

  8. Magnus traded down into a slightly better endgame with the more useful pawn majority that could potentially create a winning passed pawn on the kingside. On the other hand, Dubov’s queenside majority was maimed with doubled pawns and more easily stopped from created any passed pawn. This gave him a two result game of either winning or drawing with little risk

  9. 0:26 keymer and dubov having a laugh because of magnus routine haha

  10. Зашёл чтобы посмотреть как крутят пешку в руке, а тут какая то шахматная партия…♟️🎩

  11. the comentator like know whole playround. bout he's got nothing. stopping describe move both. just watch

  12. I love this guy. "If magically you could transfer your knight to c5, THAT WOULD BE EPIC." Sagar, you're already epic.

  13. If you have the black pieces, it's better to trade off the kings as soon as you can.

  14. for developing a powerful brain, you may move forward your nose, to have some extra space in your head ..ps. its ok making fun of someone you like 🙂

  15. Magnus I guess is all business at the hand shake.. not even a smile if they are good friends? weird.. Dubov smiled

  16. I don'tt speak english but Sahh quel plaisir ! what a Analyse by Sagar ❤

  17. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Some Iranians say Alireza (and Mohammadreza?) Firouzja is a traitor to Iran. (Source: xbw4kx ) I have no idea if that's true (anyone have ideas?), but:

    What do Daniil & Hikaru have in common?

    Both betray their country for Magnus.

    T0 – Now, Daniil & Hikaru are traitors for Magnus but not Norway, which was never the villain. Magnus is the villain (but not a supervillain like Hans Niemann. cf Megamind).

    T1 – Hikaru Nakamura is a traitor to the US for BASELESSLY siding with Magnus Carlsen over fellow American Hans Niemann.

    There's an episode of American Dragon Jake Long where Jake is accidentally sold by h friends. Here, Hans is intentionally sold by h compatriot. (Hans is Jake. Rotwood is Magnus.)

    American Dragon Jake Long
    American Traitor Hikaru Nakamura.
    They're both Americans of East Asian descent. Lol.

    T2 – Daniil Dubov is a traitor to Jews & Russians for siding with Magnus over fellow Jewish Russians Ian Nepomniachtchi & Sergey Karjakin in the 2021 WCC.

    T3 – Will you be surprised if Daniil & Hikaru change federations to Norway?

    T4 – Garry Kasparov cheated fellow Jew Judit Polgar in the 1994 Linares.

    This makes Garry

    T4.1 – a traitor to Jews since Judit is Jewish
    T4.2 – necessarily not GOAT / MTOAT because you can't be valedictorian if you cheated
    T4.3 – a mentor of Magnus Carlsen who similarly cheated Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Danya Naroditsky & Ian Nepo Nepomniachtchi.


    T5 – Also some Americans or Philippine people / Filipinos / Filipinas are traitors if they don't consider Wesley So the REAL world champion for the period 2019Nov – 2023Mar. (Kidding…sort of.)

    – T5.1 – Or worse, they consider Wesley So a traitor for moving to the US when Eugene Torre supports the decision which was practically forced due to the corruption of Philippine chess president Prospero Pichay Jr who was somehow re-elected in 2022 July despite being convicted of graft in 2022 June. Probably the same reason Arianne Caoili (Levon Aronian's dead spouse) left the Philippines for Australia. Try telling Levon that Arianne was a traitor.

    – T5.2 – Oh also 1 person did tell me e didn't like Wesley So because of what Wesley So said to h bio mom Leny So. Leny So is a HUGE traitor. F()K LENY SO.


    Wesley So is like Bobby Fischer in a good way. Magnus is like Bobby Fischer in a bad way. SAYNOTO2900 GOD BLESS AMERICA

    Why are Magnus and Garry compared to Bobby Fischer? Can you be valedictorian if you cheated in school?

    – Garry Kasparov cheated Judit Polgar in the 1994 Linares.

    – Magnus Carlsen cheated Alireza Firouzja (2019 blitz WCC), Danya Naroditsky (2021 & 2022 lichess) and Ian Nepomniachtchi (2021 WCC).

    Wesley So is like Bobby Fischer in a good way:

    W1 – Each 'is a prodigy, had a rather dark childhood and is American', but they have great moms. (This also applies Beth Harmon and Hans Niemann.)

    W2 – Betrayed by their home country, they got citizenship elsewhere.

    W3 – 1st American world champions: Bobby was 1st American-born WCC. Wesley So is 1st WC (and played for the US at the time but wasn't citizen until 1.5 years later).

    W4 – Unjustifiably lose their world titles 3 years after gaining them because FIDE was favouring a European over them.

    W5 – Hate chess and love 9LX.

    W6 – Have a lot of friends from the Philippines including Eugene Torre and Lotis Key.

    W7 – Met a corrupt president in the Philippines. Bobby met Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. Wesley So met NCFP president Prospero Pichay Jr.

    W8 – Correctly accuse Tigran Petrosian of cheating.

    Magnus is like Bobby Fischer in a bad way:

    M1 – Ra()st against Americans & Jews (source: ZS4ZPF )

    – M1.1 – (Bobby is kinda like Sergey Karjakin though: Has the 'right' to discriminate in the sense that they're born the nationality they're discriminating against. What's Magnus' 'right'? Magnus can discriminate only against Norwegians and maybe gentiles.)

    M2 – Likes 9LX but never really played it

    M3 – Is mentally unhealthy

    M4 – Unrelated: European citizens of Nordic countries. Beat a Russian in their last WCC which was controversial: Magnus cheated Nepo, and Bobby resigned a game.


    1 – Veselin Topalov – BASELESSLY accused Vladimir Kramnik of cheating

    2 – Kasparov63 – CHEATED GMJuditPolgar

    3 – MagnusCarlsen – BOTH. BASELESSLY accused HansMokeNiemann & CHEATED AlirezaFirouzja GmNaroditsky & lachesisq

    Why not

    1 – Vladimir Kramnik
    2 – Bobby Fischer
    3 – Wesley So


    P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See


  18. Great explanations, I learned a lot about such positions.

  19. Can I ask what chess piece they are using because the design is something I like it

  20. In modern era MVL & Dubov are known for creativity , hustling on the board

  21. Belle partie, merci Sagar pour votre commentaire 🙂

  22. Amazed that this is real-time commentary. How in the world did you know Dubov was going to jump his knight all over the board only to trade it immediately after getting to its spot?

  23. Everyone: "Here"
    The chess commentator: "HIOR"

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