Chess Journey to 2000 ELO! Day 337 (BRAIN DEAD)


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0:00 Intro
0:25 Game 1
23:50 Analysis 1
24:55 Game 2
36:53 Analysis 2

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  1. Man, I love your content but the negative energy feelings are overflowing in this video. Hope you will be back to the better self in the future. Cheers!

  2. "Not fun playing when you're not 100%" >>> Learn to lose without getting triggered.

    Constant focus on gaining/not losing ELO causes anxiety which causes you to make mistakes. Those mistakes will cause you more anxiety and bad results. See the viscous cycle?

    Don't focus on making to 2000 by next week/month etc. Remove the DUE DATE.
    You can't predict it as the progress is not linear.

    The biggest issue I see is that you're focusing waaay too much on memorizing opening lines along with the NAMES OF VARIATIONS! Wrong approach at your level. You don't need this at 1800.

    You can recite the names of different sub-variants of Sicilian defence, but as soon as your oponent plays a different move, you fall apart.

    Instead, learn first few moves of a 2-3 openings, use opening principles and just play chess.

  3. I like the learning the flags channel lore. We got Indonesia-Poland figured out over a couple videos, who knows what will come next could even be an overseas territory.

  4. Against most anti-sicilians, the aim is to play for d5… especially after your opponent plays c3 preparing d4. The dream position for white is to have pawns on e4 and d4. In the catalan, nd2 is very normal it supports e4 but more importantly c4. If you are worried about the dark square bishop being locked in you can still play b3 and bb2. Nd2 is not a crazy computer move, it is very thematic.Anyways, when you feel like you are lost it is okay to play for tricks and not objectively the best moves. Make the position as complicated and messy as possible, even if you don't know what is going on. Keep up the good work!

  5. Once your opening prep gets more extensive in these Anti-Sicilian lines (and that'll take time of course) you won't get into the sort of trouble you encountered today in game 1. So, chalk it up to experience, find a quick-fix line that stops White from getting his ideal structure and move on. Absolutely taking the draw was the correct decision in game 2 – your mind really wasn't really in it today (we all have those days) and while the draw might not have been the best possible result, it was clearly the best result possible, taking into account all the circumstances. Oh and the draw probably saved you a few rating points too (definitely a plus!). Back to the grind tomorrow.

  6. Yeah I'm also learning the Sicilian and against all these closed lines I'm stuck just play it in blitz and reveiw I guess

  7. Man if you don't care why do you keep this up?, if you''re so miserable with chess just drop it

  8. He simply overplayed you in a standart line of the closed Sicilian. You need to learn a line here, as you said, you dont know what to do.

  9. Thank you for inspiring me not to play online blitz, it helps me get my real work done. At the very most, 2 games in 10 help you prepare for openings that an OTB at the 1800 level would play. The other 8 games are just piece shuffling you will never see OTB. I really thought things would be better at 1800-2000 playing 15/10, but I was wrong.

  10. i play a6 b5 or a schevingen syructure and i play on the queenside in middlegames with these ideas i have a 73 win rate against closed sicilian

  11. You dont have to play the catalan queens gambit theory and positions are simpler

  12. Game 1 you should have just played e6 or e5 you completely forgot about your e pawn. It happens to me in the sicillian first time i learned it.

    Game 2 draw was a great decision i was actually hoping you would offer one. Good job

  13. Kiwi why not play hyper accelerated and avoid rosolimo

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