Chess endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. What's the difference between queen and rook both of them can go sideways right

  2. Bro, whats the difference, the pawn promotes at the same square, the king also is on the same square, but the play is different

  3. King e6 stops stalemate when first queen gets taken

  4. Could had just captured the pawn before it promoted to Queen

  5. No queen ing is not a blunder just go to front of the pawn

    Don't work harder work smarter 💪

  6. But the queen has the power of rookhh🙁

  7. The rook can move straight the queen can move straight and diagonal don't you see that can move the same spaces it don't matter

  8. I’m a beginner in chess, why couldn’t you of done the same play with a queen?

  9. Can you just do the same with a queen?

  10. When the pawn checks the king should go to g8 and then when white moves balck promotes white king moves again black then from then on black will win just check check check and check

  11. My movements in the chess dont have and specific meaning🫠i mean we can recpgnize it easily

  12. When the black king gets the pawn there's a pawn next to him that can kill the black king 💀

  13. You can just take that pawn on f7 after you kill the promoted queen

  14. Why tf king won't take the second also

  15. But why dont just get the queen at the start both of them can move in a straight line

  16. When the town is on f 7 just take with king

  17. This is a joke right..,why not take the pawn..?

  18. Wait, at the end, can white just push the pawn to queen? And prevent checkmate?

  19. Wrong. King can just move to block the last pawn from promoting. Then easy mate

  20. Why you need to transform pawn to rook and another guys, isnt easier to get queen or horse?

  21. after i watch this channel now i am always promote my pawn into a "Da ROookH☠️"

  22. Stopppppppppppp saying DDDDDAAAA ruukuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Just say the rookkk

  23. That's why I always promote to a rook if the opponent just can't get a queen

  24. I can see this ending in me stalemating myself

  25. The Roooooooooook!❌️
    *DA RUUKH*✅️

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