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This is video about chess clock rules.
Do tell me if u any more rules of chess clock

I upload chess tricks, tactics, moves, puzzle, gambits, strategy to win game

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  1. After 3 days i have e chess tournament.. And the time limitation is 60 minutes +30 second Incriment… Can anyone pls describe me that rules???

  2. hm king hai chess me koi nh8 hara skta hme

  3. Bhai galat bola hai 1 to 2 minutes ko blits bolte hai, aur 3 to 5 ko bullet

  4. You improve a lot lots of love from bengal

  5. Jab resign karna ho to chess ke sare pieces ko dono hathon se gira dena chahiye aur dukhi muh lekar bhag jana chahiye😆😂

  6. Hikaru's expression after the king move😂😂😂

  7. Cheap and best chess timer shopping link please

  8. Abe bhai bhai 3 to 5 min blitz hotha hai

  9. I have chess competition tomorrow I Hope i win and yes ur vid really help

  10. man black ke right side mai he hota hai clock hamesha

  11. बहुत सही जानकारी

  12. भाई बहुत अच्छा लगा

  13. Bhai thankyou 🙏💕 mera 28 October ko national he

  14. Thank you after two days is my district level matches and this will help me 🙂

  15. “Vo referee ko bol sakta hai” Referee is not there in chess it is called arbiter

  16. How about making an English speaking video??

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