Champions Chess Tour: Aimchess Rapid | Day 8 | Commentary by David, Jovanka & Kaja

Sixteen elite players compete in the Aimchess Rapid, the 8th event on the $1.6 million 2022 Champions Chess Tour. GM David Howell, IM Jovanka Houska and Kaja Snare commentate live on Day 8.
Watch the games:

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  1. why is the board smaller than the face cams? this is unwatchable… jezus

  2. Strange times…. 32:29 It was, I'm sorry to say, inevitable.

    Unfortunately, Magnus and ChessCom made some pretty serious blunders. Anyone with legal experience–especially in business torts–knew it instantly. Perhaps, if ChessCom had not un-invited Hans right after Magnus's inferred accusations… But Denny R & ChessCom committed so many legal blunders right after Magnus made his initial Botez-Gambit (from a legal perspective). Their exceedingly low skill in the law was like watching a new player hang his queen and blame someone else.

    Essentially, the named defendants unfairly undermined Hans and they will need to pay for it. But how much…

  3. Congratulations for GM Duda. Also for GM Mamed. The struggle is very amazing. GM Mamed showed the spirit and can revenge twice ,very inspiring, the spirit of never give up. You two are my inspiration to make the same. I will follow your spirit.

  4. I've really been wanting to like these streams, but every time I hear the commentators talking in baby speak, e.g. "and the queen moves one square to the side," I give up.

  5. Mamed played the best games of the tournament. Some crazy sac-fests. Such a breath of air in a world of super-accurate machine-like chess.

  6. David, Jovanka and Kaja, you guys are the best!! Makes chess so entertaining and fun to watch.

  7. serious problem with the format of this online event to be decided by some random blitz, if you have a rapid tourney do not soil the final with a couple of blitz games
    this match deserved so much more

  8. The aimchess ad is a disgrace to the chess community

  9. Surprised Shak, David, Jovanka… 3 strong players didn't see that tactic at the end., I saw it in real time and was wondering what genius plan Shak has this time. Guess sometimes they are as mortal as us.

  10. Duda's victory in this tournament looks very similar to his World cup victory, beating Vidit in quarters, Magnus in semis and then winning in finals.

  11. Mamed playing chess, really makes it the beautiful game. 
    Tal would applaud his imagination and daring. 

  12. David: This one is surely winning… A Queen for a Rook is too much.
    Ivanka: It's too much.
    Kaja: He has done before, though.
    Kaja, you are great, enthusiastic and adorable.

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