Champions Chess Tour: Aimchess Rapid | Day 1 | Commentary by David, Jovanka, Kaja & Simon

Sixteen elite players compete in the Aimchess Rapid, the 8th event on the $1.6 million 2022 Champions Chess Tour. GM David Howell, IM Jovanka Houska, GM Simon Williams and Kaja Snare commentate live on Day 1.
Watch the games:

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  1. David Howell is probably the best commentator/expert out there. I watch different sports and studio commentaries but he’s something special!

  2. My favorite chess show and commentary team! (We miss you Simon:)

  3. if u get rid of jovanka's cringe commentary I'll give u 5 bucks.

  4. Where is the ginger and who is this imposter?

  5. My favorite commentary team, love GM David Howell and Kaja's commentary. Miss Simon

  6. Why watch the tournament? If Magnus loses, he will accuse the opponent of cheating.

  7. Such a shame!, these guys didn't cover Shakh vs Giri.

  8. That blonde woman talks like she has too many teeth. Like the normal number for a human…plus another 7.

  9. please god make magnus lose his mind completely.

  10. Chess boxing? I watch chess because I celebrate how great the human mind is. I don't want to see people performing physical abuse on the brains of other people. I will make a note to ignore videos from any Youtube channel which promotes brain injury, like this one. You can't take away my freedom to choose not to watch this. Piece, out. <– "Chess pun" intended. My brain still works.

  11. 2:56:30 This doesn't look good for Vincent. He is blinking constantly, and using this to distract from the fact that he is looking away from the screen. Covering his face constantly is also not a good sign. I have taken many professional exams online with a proctor, and if I put my hands to my face, I am immediately told to move them away. Are we witnessing another Hans?

  12. I have no idea why Erigaisi is allowed to sit there with his arm covering most of his face. Why is this not against the rules? He already has a reputation

  13. Kaja is completely useless, it’s embarassing. Why fi you have someone who knows nothing about chess hosting super gms broadcasts? That’s just a recipe for disaster. Half of her comments and questions are completely off the mark.

  14. As usual, a job very well done but I miss Simon Williams. Bring him back if you can.

  15. You did not cover the Shak masterpiece, what a shame!
    Call your coverage "Carlsen Coverage", better for you!

  16. Chess boxing, are you kidding me? World is totally mad these days

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