Carlsen vs Friouzja – Rapid Chess Battle

Carlsen vs Friouzja – Rapid Chess Battle. Magnus Carlsen vs Alireza Firouzja in round 4 of the Superbet Rapid and Blitz chess tournament. Part of the Grand Chess Tour.

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  1. Very sad Alireza will not be playing for the crown against Magnus.

  2. damn! look at that beutiful board and nice sounds effect. lichess nice!

  3. I am subscribed to a lot of chess related channels like agadmator, gotham, big hiki, but your explanation of moves hits different as you go through the full lines esp for me (an intermediate). Keep going, you'll blow up in no time

  4. I have feeling, Alireza plaid this one almost without effort! Good preparation!

  5. Conservative opening choice by Magnus… 🧐😊 and a conservative response by AF… two lions circling each other 🦁🦁

  6. bro why do you have the classical rating of players on top? this is rapid!

  7. Thank you for your quick preparation! You are awesome 👌

  8. Alireza neutralized Magnus' deadliest weapon, the catalan. Very solid from Firouzja

  9. It’s interesting that Alireza is not pushing for win at any cost as he used to do…

  10. As always loving your explanation of different lines! You are best among the well known chess channels. Lots of succes tonight with your own games!

  11. Great recap as always. Good luck tonight . You must be wiping them off the board yourself with all the ideas etc you pick up yourself doing the analytical recaps.???

  12. I hope someone explain how Ali won Carlsen's heart to fight him, while relinquishing the WC. Does he believe Ali will dominate chess?

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