Carlsen: Haven’t Studied Chess Recently; It Showed. | D1 #SuperbetRapidBlitzPoland

Magnus Carlsen talks to Cristian Chirila after going 0-1-2 on the first day of 2023 Superbet Rapid & Blitz Poland.



  1. 0:15 Alireza comes out to the runway with his "I am a fashion deisgner look" after his first Paris Fashion Week show.

  2. Someone has introduced Magnus to sweet Mary Jane. I think it was the Botez Sisters. He's become more chill, more forgetful and overall happier.

  3. Cro-Magnus will still finish at the top. The tourney just started.

  4. Magnus "The Dude" Carlsen, ladies and gentlemen.

  5. It's rather funny to me that the commentators, already awkwardly replacing the "World Champion" behind "World #1", might now replace "World #1" behind "Classical World #1," as Ding now leads Magnus in the live rapid standings by 0.3 points. Ironic, given how Carlsen has created all the abdication drama over wanting rapid and blitz to take over the prestige of classical.

  6. Theres something strange on the way he speaks now. The eye contact with interviewer changed. The hair . He doesnt look healthy mentally. Drugs perhaps.

  7. It looks like, he just doesn't want to play chess anymore.
    Give him a break guys. He'll get hungry again in a couple years, what's the problem here?

  8. Magnus is auditioning for the remake of the Big Lewoski

  9. Good to see Magnus not giving any fcuk. He is the best anyway.

  10. Using poker terms “variance” in chess.. he is not studying chess but poker now

  11. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    2nd: Does Magnus Carlsen have something against Americans? Or Jews?


    I was told: (2022 Oct)

    There's also no doubt that Magnus generally dislikes americans- he said so on one of the Magnus effect podcast episodes.


    Why does Magnus say good things about non-American prodigies like Alireza, Arjun, Andrey Esipenko, Nodirbek, Pragg, Vincent Keymer, et al but not for American prodigies like Hans? SAYNOTO2900 GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    (HUGE UPDATE: See zs4zpf how Magnus has something against Jews more than Americans.)

    Part A. Main Americans
    Part B. But consider the non-Americans of the next generation:
    Part C. Cheating
    Part D. Additional
    Part E. Updates

    Bobby Fischer would agree with me and would side with Hans and Wesley So over Magnus and Hikaru. I don't think Bobby would like the US gov today, but I think Bobby would like US players today esp Hans and Wesley So. I guess Magnus is the reverse: no political opinion re US gov but has something against American players, as Magnus admitted in podcast (see yev3a1 ).

    Part A. Main Americans

    A.1 – Hans Niemann (+ Hans' coach) is American.

    A.2 – Wesley So 'completely obliterated' (as agadmator said) Magnus Carlsen in the 9LX world championship 13.5-2.5 and 4-0. THIS INCLUDED 3X CLASSICAL GAMES IN A ROW. (Don't believe FIDE. 45+15=60 minutes in 2019 WFRCC is classical, not slow rapid. 25+7.5=32.5 minutes in 2022 WC is fast rapid, not slow rapid.) Magnus was 'deeply ashamed'. Later in the 2022 WC, FIDE lowered the time controls from classical to rapid to favour Magnus & Hikaru over Wesley So.

    9LX is human Vs human. Chess is computer & human Vs computer & human.

    Wesley So beat Magnus human Vs human 3x classical in a row!

    A.3 – Bobby Fischer invented 9LX, which Magnus sucks at. Look at the low ratings Magnus gave of Bobby in that world champions ranked series. AMERICAN Larry Kaufman told me:

    Magnus doesn't generally play such great openings, he strives to get the game out of book as early as possible usually. I think the issue here is that his greatest strength is the endgame, but FRC games are much more likely to be decided in the middlegame as the players are on their own so early. That's probably why he doesn't shine as brightly in FRC as in Classical chess.

    A.4 – Actually, the above 3, Hans Niemann, Wesley So and Bobby Fischer are like Beth Harmon: Each is 'a prodigy, had a rather dark childhood and is American'. Their stories about overcoming their struggles in childhood are very inspirational. Magnus rated The Queen's Gambit 5 out of 6, only 2nd highest rating. Kinda like Magnus in classical 9LX: only the 2nd highest player.

    Part B. Consider next gen non-Americans:

    B.1 – Pragg: 'Magnus gives Pragg today round of APPLAUSE after his Stunning performance' (2022 Julius Baer Generation Cup)

    B.2 – Andrey Esipenko: Magnus 'didn't say anything when got beaten by Esipenko'. But wait is Andrey Jewish?

    B.3 – Alireza: Magnus wouldn't play 2023 WCC unless Alireza won candidates.

    Part C. Cheating

    C.1 – Magnus cheated against Jewish American Danya on lichess twice: David Howell 2021 & Aryan Tari 2022

    C.2 – Magnus cheated against Jewish Russian Nepo in 2021 WCC with the knight touch move thing and then said 'do better' to gaslight the reporter

    C.3 – Magnus cheated against Alireza in 2019 blitz WCC. Yes Magnus AFTER punching clock talked in Norwegian on Alireza's turn.

    (Source: Ha6uVGB-Mtw )

    Irrelevant except MVL's Jewish French while Alireza's Iranian & French. Just wanted to say. Lol.

    Part D. Additional:

    D.1 – Magnus described Hikaru Nakamura as merely 'decent'. (But now, Hikaru's a traitor to the US for siding with Magnus over Hans, just as Daniil Dubov is a traitor to Russia & Jews for siding with Magnus over Jewish Russians Nepo & Sergey and as Garry Kasparov is a traitor to Jews for cheating Jewish Judit Polgar.)

    D.2 – Eric Rosen beat Magnus in 9LX.

    D.3 – Magnus condescendingly asked Andrea Botez (dual citizen) how knights move.

    D.4 – Magnus quit the 2022 Sinquefield Cup, an American tournament named after American Rex Sinquefield and hosted in St Louis Chess Club in the US.

    D.5 – There was that thing with Maurice Ashley in 2017.

    D.6 – When Jewish American Fabiano Caruana switched from Italy to the US, Magnus said the US was 'buying nerds'. To this day, the only opponents that Magnus hasn't beaten in classical games in the finals of a FIDE WC are Americans Fabi & Wesley So.

    Part E. Updates:

    Look up
    'Is Magnus against Americans?' ft Kostya Kavutskiy


    I was told
    'Magnus, like most Scandinavians, probably feels like America is a bit of a barbaric country.' – American NM John Chernoff aka zugaddict from lichess aka GargleBlaster from chessc*m told me in chat in 2022Sep.

    Americans won 5 tournaments in 9LX in a row from 2019Nov to 2022Oct, namely FIDE 2019, St Louis 2020, St Louis 2021, St Louis 2022 and FIDE 2022. Then there's a European in 2nd place.

    I was told by oprocyona in 2022 Oct:

    'Many decisions in tournament chess are made to favor the player that brings in the most sponsorship dollars and views, which is undoubtedly Magnus. There's also no doubt that Magnus generally dislikes americans- he said so on one of the Magnus effect podcast episodes.'

    Here's the link I was given: Magnus Effect episode 2 – 20 Best Ways to Introduce Yourself

    As for tournament decisions, see 'Parallel between Hans and Fischer Random 2022?'

    (Source: ydwn2y & yev3a1)


    P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See


  12. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    4th: Hans Niemann is like the last straw for Magnus Carlsen who has been fed up with Americans / Jews. I imagine Magnus thinks as follows:

    (Bobby Fischer would agree with me.)

    1 – 'I couldn't beat American Wesley So in the 2019 WFRCC and again in 2020 St Louis 9LX. Damn that nobody "w"esley "s"o who got only 1 win in the 2018 candidates.'

    2 – 'I couldn't beat Jewish American Fabi or Jewish Sergey in the classical portions of our WCCs.'

    3 – '9LX, which I suck at, was invented by Jewish American Bobby Fischer.'

    4 – 'American Eric Rosen beat me in 9LX.'

    5 – 'American Hikaru is overrated but is really just DECENT.' (Note: Hikaru became rapid WFRCC after betraying the US for Magnus. So never mind.)

    6 – 'Canadian-American Andrea Botez doesn't know how knights move.' (Note: Alex & Andrea, unlike their dad, side w/ Magnus over Hans.)

    7 – 'Jewish American Danya almost beat me in lichess. Good thing I cheated.'

    8 – 'Jewish Nepo almost beat me in the 2021 WCC. Good thing I cheated.'

    9 – 'So far in WFRCC (2019) and St Louis 9LX (2020,2021), there was always an American in 1st place and a European in 2nd place.' (Note: This extended to 2022 for both. So more reasons for Magnus.)

    9 – 'American Maurice Ashley was rude to me in the 2017 Paris GCT.'

    10 – 'American Rex Sinquefield is buying all these foreigners to be "Americans". Like I said, the US is "buying nerds"'.

    11 – 'The Queen's Gambit is about an American ey? Well because I got only 2nd place in the 2019 WFRCC, NetflixtheQG gets only 5/6 from me! Beth Harmon is just a copy of Jewish Judit Polgar & Jewish American Bobby Fischer. Also, Judit's sibling Susan is Jewish American.'

    (And then all of a sudden it blows up in Magnus' face like…)

    12 – 'Now, this Jewish American Hans beats me with the black pieces. Wait Hans has a history of cheating? Right, I can use cheating as an excuse to be a sore loser. Damn American STLCC for their poor cheating detection. Or STLCC was probably helping Hans cheat. I wouldn't quit Tata Steel or Norway chess if Hans beat me there, but I would for the Sinquefield Cup.'



  13. Hmmmm so Alieza and Magnus are the same people

  14. Carlsen is becoming Hans Niemann. Not only in the aspect. Also in the Way of playing. Carlsen's look speaks for itself

  15. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    5th: I hate Magnus LESS because e quit the 2023 WCC but still played the 2022 rapid WFRCC and wants classical 9LX.

    If Magnus beats Wesley So for classical 9LX, then maybe there's no reason to hate Magnus who might become undisputed GOAT & MTOAT.

  16. Magnus is having a breakdown 🤣🤣 thats what it looks like when his hair is like this,

  17. Wins : "Yeah I'm the best."
    Gets outplayed : "mY oPpOnEnT's A cHeAtUrRr…"
    Gets thrashed : "hAvEnT sTuDiEd ReCeNtLy blah blah…" lmao.

  18. Magnus looks like he’s been bong ripping and funneling beer whilst going through a Hans Niemann metamorphosis.

  19. He didn’t remember posting a photo on IG?? How??

  20. if you retire do it the Fischer way to avoid making the ridicule

  21. Magnus Carlsen 2022: Uh! Hans Niemann cheated!!

    Magnus 2023: Chess speaks for itself.

  22. he just needs a surf board and some piano lessons

  23. Magnus looks like more Neiman then nieman himself 😅

  24. By studied,He meant he did not talk it with his 2nd or etc

  25. "They really took a pound of flesh out of you."
    "Nah that was from spending so much time with Alex."

  26. Looks like he turns into Bobby Fischer optically recently 🤷‍♂️

  27. New look on Magnus isn't what you would expect froma a world champion… oh wait…

  28. This is booze and sleep deprivation. He’ll probably button it up a bit after this performance

  29. Update : he ended up winning the whole tournament 😂

  30. Magnus seems to be battling some inner demons. I hope he does well.

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