Carlsen: Blitz Streak Sweeter Than Any Tournament Win | D5#SuperUnitedRapidBlitzCroatia

Magnus Carlsen speaks to Cristian Chirila and receives his trophy from Grand Chess Tour Executive Director Michael Khodarkovsky and SuperUnited Organization Committee President Marin Marušić after the 2023 SuperUnited Rapid & Blitz Croatia.



  1. Why do they keep giving the mic to this Michael K. director? He's always nervous and fidgets, clearly not comfortable doing that job.

  2. It sounds like he's kind of semi-retired at this point, enjoying the game but also not taking it very serious in terms of preparation and study. To still do 9/9 against the best in the world is wild.

  3. Such an incredible performance, such a great field of players but such a wimpy award ceremony! Sad.

  4. It's so sweet until Hans Niemann shows up with the black pieces!

  5. Congratulations to the GOAT 🐐 in all formats for stampeding through the incredible lineup of players!

  6. How many times does this man Magnus must prove he is a goat. I am not blaming him that he has become bored with chess lately. He just won everything and nothing left

  7. now he just needs to participate in the candidates and win , then choose not to compete in the world championship.

  8. Will not do it again because next time it will be 18-0 :p

  9. Magnus is always soo honest in interview and down to earth, one reason he makes a great player

  10. Bro he kinda got lucky on the game with Richard, all respect though, goat for sure

  11. When Magnus starts losing few games => Crowd – Oh this is his downfall. He is out of his prime.
    When Magnus startes winning games and tournaments => Crowd – He is the GOAT, best endgame player, undisputed GOAT, blah, blah ….


  12. No Naka, no MVL, no So, no Artemiev, Dubov, Martirosyan or Giri…
    Rapport, Caruana and Nepo were the only truely in form heavyweights and all 3 of them are known for having a severe trauma/Magnus effect…
    so considering who was not in tournament and who was; 9-0 in Blitz is not that surprising…

  13. Magnus "the G.O.A.T" Carlsen Wins the Tournament as always🔥
    Performance :
    In Rapid :- Won-4, Draw-3, Lost-2 {3rd place)
    In Blitz :- Won-14, Draw-2, Lost-2 {1st place)
    Overall :- 20.5/27🔥1st place🔥 Undoubtedly The Greatest Chess Player of all Time

  14. Magnus The Ultimate Beast🔥
    Even in the age of Engines, He is still able to defeat Everyone
    Magnus Carlsen is Undoubtedly The Greatest Chess Player of all Time🔥 Perfect Brand ambassador of Chess

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