Carlsen and Dubov speak just 1 line with each other after the game! World Rapid 2022

Magnus Carlsen is the undisputed king of the chess world right now. And one of the key ingredients of him becoming the World Champion is Daniil Dubov who has been his second. It was the battle between two guys who know each other very well. Check out what happened in the game.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I'm not a chess guy, why do people call for a draw?
    Why not play till the finish, either win or lose, don't get it, please clarify.

  2. The titles are "funny". I just want to see a good game of blitz, and I'm invited to notice that they spoke to each other

  3. Sorry, your cuts take away from the mental game a bit… they are watching each other. Let them ride, imo. Thanks.

  4. Carlsen joue bien mais a perdu beaucoup de crédibilité avec son attitude arrogante et parfois théâtrale. C'est dommage .

  5. who won? can someone please just write who wins after these matches cos i never know

  6. A small diagram in the corner would really help. Thanks anyways

  7. Dubov is a fuckin CUTIE!! He would be a LOT of fun!

  8. They rock some AC/DC before matches? Hell yeah

  9. 0:46 holy sht… Have we just seen propper hand shake betwean two gm?? 😱
    ok, not really. Dubov was looking away. Ok, everything is still normal, for a second I though that some glitch in a matrix happened or something like this.

  10. Нет, ну здесь очевидно! Что пешку надо было вращать не против, а по часовой стрелке, по правилу правого пальца! Ну ничего, ребята по тренируются и удача попрет с неимоверной силой!

  11. Позиция выглядела как технически выигранная за белых но получилась блокада

  12. Дуб как колхозник в этих джинсах лол

  13. The piece twiddling battle of the century when they both start after it 😂

  14. Guys, i cant get out of that chess rabbit hole, can you explain at least how to understand who won?

  15. Its Draw….
    If Magnus win then Putin attack Norway..🤣

  16. Кто объяснит что произошло?

  17. Carlson won because his supported passed g pawn means the black king will be tied down to prevent it from queening while white's King can go marauding black's pawns on the queenside.

  18. wow, nice win by dubov, i am now convinced dubov will soon replace magnus as world champ!

  19. Magnus did say that Dubov is one of his inspirations

  20. อนุวัฒน์ ศรีวัง says:

    magnus seems a bit worn out rately you should rest for a while man

  21. Why does Magnus always appear after his opponents?

  22. They were both had pawn piece on their hand playing by their fingers 😂

  23. Там на казахском написано 😂

  24. Must've been the most emotional handshake in chess history

  25. the pawn fidgeting from dubov is master class!

  26. Why Dubov look like Timothee chalamet???

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