BIG BLUNDER!! Levon Aronian vs Magnus Carlsen || London Rapid Chess 2019 – R1

BIG BLUNDER!! Levon Aronian vs Magnus Carlsen || London Rapid Chess 2019 – Round 1
Levon Aronian provoked a rare case of the World Champion blundering mate
It’s been a tricky few weeks for Levon Aronian. He was spectacularly bad in Kolkata and didn’t redeem himself in his semi-final against Ding Liren. He was well-beaten in the first classical game against Magnus and then missed a gilt-edged chance to salvage some glory by ending the World Champion’s at that point 106-game unbeaten streak. In the first rapid game it looked as though things were going from bad to worse, as Levon cheerfully sacrificed both his rooks for what, objectively speaking, was nothing. Then, briefly, his fortunes turned!
Black has three legal moves: 39…Kh5!, which wins, 39…Kg5, which draws, or 39…g6??, which loses. Amazingly Magnus opted for the 3rd, playing it instantly despite having over 5 minutes on his clock. The refutation wasn’t hard to find, since after 40.Bf8+! Kh5 41.Qe7! the threat of mate on h4 can’t be successfully parried. A somewhat bemused Magnus took a while to adjust to the new reality and then resigned!
That meant Levon trailed by just 2 points instead of 10 points, but there was to be no happy ending. He blundered himself in the next rapid game and then a draw and win in blitz meant that Magnus had won the match with two games to spare.


  1. I started watching this guy after I watched his "fasted game" video

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