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In this video, I play the black side of Italian Opening against lichess user chess_1865 (rated 1791). After my opponent commits to an early and slightly dubious Bg5, I decide to hold off on castling and launch a vicious kingside attack.
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  1. "Yeah white suffering in pain, crying in agony subbing in sorrow"😂

  2. Great game Eric, and really enjoyed that picture at the end man

  3. The dude on the right, in the Twitch HQ pic looked like Fabi… wasn't Fabi, was it??

  4. This guy is so chill. I love his chess commentary!

  5. 12:22 "I mean I could just takes takes takes, like literally takes takes takes, takes with check, and theeeeen keep taking stuff."

  6. Just an interesting line if KxG5 at 1:58 : KxG5, HxG5, BxG5, BxH3, GxH3, RxH3, and then some Qd7 idea is absolutely crushing for black.

  7. "These guys pretty good too. *Snubs Fabi* pfff hahahahahaha savage

  8. Jan Gustafsson goes over similar types of lines in his excellent 1…e5 chessable course. He too advises going 5…d6 and 6…a6 in most lines and to delay castling to preserve the option of a kside attack if white goes wrong. I'm not sure if he goes over this specific line cause it is a little unusual for white to play Bg5 so early.

  9. Man I have been playing the exact line as black last few weeks..up until g5 move.."feelsIMman"

  10. At 10:40 Rxg2 then After Kxg2 then NF4 followed by Qh3 is mate or if king went to h1 then Qh2 is unstoppable

  11. Am from YouTube… i never knew what the hell is (subs for 3 months)

  12. Was pawn g4 a way out of it at the end there?

    At least black will end two pawns up in the rook ending so probably still winning, but I didnt see an immediate checkmate

  13. You learn a lot just watching him think and seeing the depth he calculated to

  14. 9:10 And ya lost me. I have no idea where we are in the theory no more XD. Too many arrows!!!

  15. 13:00 Why didn’t he play Nc2 instead, forking the queen and the rook

  16. @10:37 I think you had a nice win with …Bxf3, Nxf3 Rxg2+, Kxg2 Nf4+, Kg1 Qh3 & Qg2 mate.

  17. Eric at the end of every video…."maybe I'll put that on YouTube". I watch YouTube and I thank you for the amazing content sir👍

  18. Youtube algorithm is worthless garbage. Anything is better than it. Including Twitch's.

  19. No one:
    Eric Rosen: Bites lip in thumbnail

  20. After 14.Kh2 (which was good on move 12) it is mate in 8

  21. In the late middle/early end game when the knight came to d4, there were a few moves where all the tension on the king side was essentially balanced and static, but there was a fork on the queen and the inactive rook with Nc2. Assuming I'm a beginner and not really able to find those 10 move winning lines that resulted in 4000 arrows being drawn on the board at one point, is it even worth it going for the fork to win a pawn and an otherwise inactive rook? Is it worth it to prevent any possibility of activating that rook, or is it better to keep the knight involved in the attack and just do your best to never lose tempo and not let the rook be activated that way?

  22. After 15, NxF3, you had forced mate in 5

  23. The moment you predict Eric's moves in a video is when you realize hearing him talking about so many things at chess, different lines, how to calculate etc etc, has grown something deep into your brain and it's called the Tactics Tactics Tactics and Opening Repertoire. My god I feel inteligent

  24. how are you able to draw arrows on your chess games?

  25. This is the set-up GM Ivan Sokolov suggests in one of his DVDs.

  26. 17:23
    I don't know, but I consider not playing B4 on move 4 a losing mistake for white, I mean, yeah of course everything falls apart after that ;p

  27. I wonder why the lower rated opponent is playing so fast, if I were playing an IM i would even calculate 1.e4

  28. As an Italian, I can see why I've been attacked so much these past 9 months…

  29. I'm italian and the title is no politically correct..racist. Ahahahahahha
    I'm're the best

  30. oh so if eric attacks the italian its "playing chess well" and he makes bank off youtube revenue, but if i do it then its "aggravated assault" and im getting 6 months in jail

  31. At 12:50, how about Nc2 forking Queen and Rook? Or is it that not worth diluting or delaying the Kingside attack for?

  32. Went looking for this game on Lichess today and could not find it, anyone got a link to it please ? Great game Eric, it changed my way of looking at the opening process for C50, thanks for sharing !

  33. I wonder how the game would go in the event of h5 instead of Nh5.

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