Arjun Erigaisi sacrifices his house to beat Shakhriyar Mamedyarov | World Rapid 2022

GM Arjun Erigaisi (2628) had an amazing start to the FIDE World Rapid Open Championship 2022. He drew his game against the five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen and defeated strong players like GM Richard Rapport (2802), GM Anish Giri (2708), GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (2777), and others.
He also faced some losses which halted him from his dream run. In the final round, he was up against the experienced GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (2746). Arjun played a no holds barred game against Mamedyarov. Being the maverick on the board that he is, Shakh also mixed things up! The result? An extremely exciting battle!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. After Kce5, What about Rd8 check and wins the queen?Can anyone clarify?

  2. What an exaggerated title! He only sacrified two pawns and when it was all over a rook, which was not really a sacrifise per se!Thumbs DOWN! Not for Mr. Erigaisi's game which was excellent, but for the title and the editors of ChessBase India

  3. Dang, I hope he doesn’t stay homeless for long🙏🙏

  4. it literally reads that erigaisi sacrifices his house and not horse to win


  5. Arjun be like : Yoo Sagar bhai, chill out man


  6. Bhai ne apne ghar daan de diya bhai

    He should be named daanveer karn not arjun

    Wese horse bhi chess ke technical terms ke point of view se galat hai,kiuki wo knight hai

  7. Pls explained next moves.
    After bishap takes rook.
    King can escape🤔

  8. 6:23 arjun missed Qg6 there? cuz Kg6 Bb1+ Kf7 Rf7+ and now if Ke8 Bg6+ and if Kg8 f7+ Qf7 Rh8+

  9. Mc sagar be like : Tera ghar jainga isme…..

  10. Well I admire that kind of dedication. I assume he has enough money to purchase another one.

  11. Sacrifices his house! Chess used to be gentlemen's game but now its getting brutal and brutal.

  12. The fact that the game is bad on both sides, there are many blunders according to the Engen. For example queen sacrifice at 6.24 with taking the bishop

  13. What is house in your caption ????

  14. На Qf8 на 6.24 сразу вроде бы заканчивало Qg6+! Kg6
    Cb1+ Kf7
    Rh7+ Ke8 (Kg8 – f7+ Qf7 – Rh8#)

  15. Brilliant performance by Arjun in rapid, was expecting him to win medal in blitz. Was heartbroken. 2023 is Arjun's year.

  16. Estoy viendo cúal de los jóvenes indios va a ser el Campeón Mundial, y veo que Eirigasi es firme candidato..desde Colombia

  17. sacrifices his horse to beat Shakhriyar, update title please😆🤣!

  18. Came here from Agadmator. Every once in a while it's fun to see GMs blunder and then other GMs fail to capitalize on the blunder

  19. "Sacrificed his house"? LOL What a click bait

  20. 5:52 Instead of Qh2, wasn't Rh8+ winning? If Kxh8 f7+ winning the Queen

  21. Part of the allure of looking at these chess games is not knowing the results. Would be great, if it’s not announced on the headlines

  22. I missed the part where he sacrificed his house. Nice clickbait though.

  23. Since when did rook become a house Sagarbhai? Matlab kuch bhi title daloge kya views ke liye?

  24. 03:45 why white didn't do Rd8 to take the queen for rook and bishop?

  25. …It seems that going hungry and barefoot makes good chess players.

  26. Young man would sacrifice his rook, his house, wife and first child to mate the opponent

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