Arjun Erigaisi has nerves of steel, beats MVL | World Rapid 2022

The only time GM Arjun Erigaisi (2628) faced GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (FRA, 2777) in a rated game was at the World Blitz 2021 last yeara, before the Frenchman became World Blitz champion. Arjun lost that game. Once again Arjun got the white pieces. However, this time it is in the ninth round of World Rapid 2022. He employed Trompowsky attack for the second time in this event after he used it against Magnus Carlsen in the fifth round. What happens next? Don’t miss this fantastic game of domination.

Replay the full game

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  1. Please stop spoiling it by writing that someone won or lost in the title

  2. I have never seen that many people around a board watching LOL

  3. The last move was blunder from arjun and mvl had mate in 9 ! But he resigned !!

  4. Mvl is very tricky player .. but this time arjun rocks

  5. This game was really good Arjun just held it down with the pressure! But that lady in the back with the black sweater and cheetah skirt at 15:36 BOY SHE TOOOO THICK!!!

  6. This was a nerve racking game watching , one can only imagine what it was like playing keep up the great work's

  7. Arjun played 9 2700+ and keymer out of his 13 rounds also scoring 6.5/7 from white, a great performance from him. If he only becomes a little more solid from black he lost 3 games out of 6. He can definitely take the next leap towards 2800. His rating might not reflect but he is definitely top 10 in the world right now. Except magnus he is not quite an underdog against anyone.

  8. Who shaw bhabhi ji on background???😅

  9. MVL plays the Grünfeld even when he can't

  10. Many super strong Indian juniors but I feel like Arjun is the one who has a world champion DNA

  11. Arjun posisi udah bagus tapi ga nyerang².

  12. In the end, instead of rook to b7, shouldn't arjun have played pawn to e5 and attack bishop to win king side pawns n open the king

  13. Not possible. Blunder on blunder
    Too much optimistic
    Give pawn and rock and Leave rock etc….
    Suicide from MVL….

  14. nice game from erigasi, taking a less orthodox approach that caught out mvl's rather tactic-oriented and so anti-positional approach. the indian rapid and blitz wc results a bit disappointing, but that says how they have raised expectations over the last couple of years; maybe next year

  15. una derrota muy aplastante para Maxime Vachier, con una apertura de aficionado lo superan estrategicamente, una lección para pensar que no es tan dificil llegar a srr un GM.

  16. One of the most beautiful games I have seen lately. Arjun dominates the game so much. His white knight came from c3 to a4, then to c5 and then to e4. Here he dominated Black's position. White, however, because of his airy position, always had to be careful that the heavy pieces could not penetrate the white position. The game is a great masterstroke.

  17. the nature of Arjun where he never hesitate to initiate a knowledge trades with other GM s is very humble and admirable Hinting his eager to succeed and perfect at the game
    Only wish for the best for this man

  18. Arjun's style is very unique when compare to other young players,, simply he is making ideas on board and applying it successfully ❤️

  19. Arjun is Very good at complicated game 👍

  20. Midst of so much chaos…bro was playing pawn moves💀

  21. What is the program that is used in role analysis, please answer

  22. अर्जुन तो फिर अर्जुन है।

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