Aravindh Chithambaram takes down Vishy Anand | World Rapid Teams

Aravindh Chithambaram is in a scintillating form at the FIDE World Rapid Team Championships. Playing in the top board of Team Six-Pack, Aravindh has already defeated two world-class players in this tournament – MVL and Wesley So!

In the 10th round, he was up against the legendary Viswanathan Anand with the White pieces. Due to a mistake in the board order, Vishy got to know he was playing this round just 10 minutes before the games start! He ran around 7 minutes to the playing hall, and sat down to play against Aravindh with the Black pieces.

Check out the video to witness a massively exciting game full of tactics from start to finish.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Aravindh Chithambaram is my man!! … He can beat Magnus too.. Just faceoff needs to happen little more often.. may be at online chess at least

  2. The titles are kind of spoiling the results. Is that the intention?

  3. The guy pated him on his back 🎉🎉

  4. Nothing bro vishy just threw the match he went for queens gambit accepted and later he started defending that weak pawn over there he fell for that basic trap…. He was unprepared 😢

  5. Hope Aravindh also gets opportunities for elite tournaments soon – if given that opportunity he will definitely shine! He has been consistently improving over at least the past two years that I have been following him

  6. Arvindh is a genius,and brilliant wasn't good match
    ❤good performance by Arvindh 😊😮😮

  7. Aravith is so underrated in India. He is the national champion for a reason

  8. According to my chess knowledge the clocks are placed on the wrong side i think 😮😊

  9. the way vishy got up and went was disrespectful

  10. Unsung hero of India's young chess brigade, senior to prag and Gukesh, hope he improves his rating and reach great heights in chess

  11. Very happy for Aravindh he is such a classic player.

  12. Coach Ramesh feels Aravindh is more naturally gifted than Pragg. He trains both.

  13. So is vishy out of the tournament now??

  14. Indian chess is evolving at a rapid pace , all these youngsters are like cyborgs they don't miss easily.

  15. vishy is the inspiration behind all the fresh crop of indian chess talent. It is absolutely wonderful to see Pragg and Aravindh. More than both of them wear the thiruneer proudly on their forehead. They are not scared to show their identity. This is also good…

  16. WTF Vishy!!! He tried to surprise his opponent with that odd accepted gambit variation…. And ended worst 😢

  17. Vishnu didn’t look like he was in the zone coz having lost with QGA at his level is surprising . He must ve played it a zillion times . Vishy ll be back with a masterpiece soon

  18. I think Vishy 's moves in thos game are sub optimal. I play the line regularly and manage it better with black

  19. i hate knowing the outcome in the title when i'm trying to watch it for the first time

  20. genius, the way he think, calculate, and make decision looks easy and light, effortless, really super talent 👍👍👍

  21. Anand should stop playing chess tournaments. He has lost the momentum in chess . Even player like Aravind beats 5 time world champion like this is terrible.

  22. This boy is genius and he is from economically weak family biground but no one has supported him even Chessbaseindia didn't do anything.

  23. Im not a pro at Chess but it looked like Vishy almost wanted to lose. Even on a bad day, it doesn't seem like vishy could play this bad.

  24. does black king on white box means black has won or is it a draw????????

  25. Arvind is a superb chess players also Vishy Anand looked disinterested from the beginning…the way he played was so different from his usual playing style

  26. Anand could have traded the e pawn for the c7 passer little earlier right. 3vs 2 would still be a draw.

  27. All this shows that india has a lot of talent. What you need is an education system that is able to select the best (like the USA does… with SATS etc..) .. world class education and universities harvard style…to bring in the best and also give them the best development and facilities. Not just learning, but strongly on entrepreneurial and inventing, and full human development: sports etc, world class training facilities….information has no value.. what you do with the information is what has value.. so learning to acquire information does not generate value… you need an education system that can generate value from information. To fully tap into indian potential you need to fix from top to bottom… clean up the streets.. you also have too many people… this creates a traffic jam for talented people to find their way up… this slows down everything… you need to drastically reduce your population and increase the quality of life..create sustainable growth where there is room for potential to grow and develop. Potential is massive but it needs Lee Kwan Yew style of politics to develop the society structure from ground up.

  28. Whoa… I didn't see this coming

  29. humbleness and modesty takes you a long way. Respect to GM Aravindh!

  30. why chess players are celebrating their wins on the inside??? is that a rule not to show positive emotion in chess????????????????????

  31. 1. Rg6 then why not Kf8? If 2. Rd6 Nxc7 3. Rc6 Ke7 4. Nd6 Kd7 5. Nxc8 Kxc6 6. Ne7+ Kd7 7. Nf5 Black has 7. … Ne6 defending his kingside pawns. If after Kf8 White plays Re6 then Rxc7 3. Rxe5 and there is a 3 against 2 paws situation. Which is draw.

  32. The queen's gambit accepted line is always a liability for black….though props to arvindh for remaining calm and keeping the advantage throughout the game against Vishi

  33. The hype of brahmins , brains being intellectually superior to the native Tamils has been demolished .All a myth. Pragg, Gukesh and Chidambaran are all Tamil drividians.Non brahmins. Today the glass window has been broken. Data don't lie . Humans do !

  34. Anand should really practice more or he should just retire now.. Embarrassing to lose most of time nowadays.

  35. What I see ..he was attacking since the beginning.. very clear about moves

  36. Amongst the youngsters, Gukesh is the only person who can cross 2800, and Aravind is the only person who can beat Carlsen.

  37. vishy anand was not in the mood…

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