Another Embarrassing Chess Moment


  1. Also ganz ehrlich hätte ich Ahnung von Schach würde ich Sie bitten mir ein Autogramm zu geben und zum Essen einladen, und dann sein sein Gesicht sehen wenn sie vieleicht JA sagt! Weil Sie ist bescheiden und ER Arogant!

  2. Para mi el fue el engreido envez de los fan, se tuvo que haber parado. Dandole respeto a ella

  3. If i was a staff there in that moment, I would say something for the people that they are being rude.

  4. These men have no class, no itrapersonal or interpersonal intelligence… not very high on self-esteem

  5. Why should anyone know who she is? Just because she's female? The top female chess player doesn't even rank in the top 100 overall and I guarantee none of you know who the 99th or 98th ranked chess player is. Stop putting women on a pedestal.

  6. Big up all the ladies trying to make it in a man's world. At least she seen the funny side

  7. Because asians are too polite and accommodating to people with skin of a certain hue

  8. That is disrespectful, even if she's not popular or smt that's so rude

  9. This is just rude beyond belief. Shame, shame, shame. Magnus is a total A-hole.

  10. All that in usa dont give a shit to other

  11. Bro atp imma just sit in another seat lol

  12. She's laughing b/c this is typical white ppl behavior.

  13. Shame on these men disgusting

  14. Magnus should have stood up and walked to the side. What a douche.

  15. Never heard of either of them🤷‍♀️

  16. No wonder our country's at the bottom of everything now… So many are selfishly disrespectful!

  17. Who cares? We know who is the real champion there .

  18. Shows you the humility of her and arrogance of competitor. 1st his bad manners in turning his back to her as he went for his seat, VERY VERY un gentlemanly just rude bad upbringing behaviour, just don't be ignorant towards women, being a gentleman is an art form like manhood ❤

  19. Who's Magnus Carlsen? Don't answer it. I really don't care.

  20. So she has no assertiveness. Thats a bit on her.

  21. She’s disrespected the most by Magnus. He should’ve recognized that after the first person sat for a photo, because of her kind gesture, anyone else was rude to allow to continue. He should’ve told them that he can meet them afterwards or elsewhere. Or stand up for the damn photo! This guy thinks highly of himself that’s for sure

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