Anish Giri vs Daniil Dubov – The Modern Day Tal Unleashed – World Rapid 2022

World #7 GM Anish Giri (NED, 2764) did not start the clock after Round 10 started at World Rapid 2022. Former World Rapid champion, GM Daniil Dubov (2708) arrived a bit over a minute late. Then someone unleashed the inner Tal in them on their opponent, dragging their king from one side to the other. Who did that and how? Find out how it unfolded.

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  1. That was insane! Nice exchange sacrifice to gain massive activity and force the white king into a wayward march.

  2. Dubov looks funny, while anish giri looks sad all the time😅🤣🤣

  3. Two of the most useless rooks. What a game by Dubov.

  4. Dubov always looks so angry when talking to other players after a match lol

  5. the way Daniil slides his rooks instead of placing his rooks is cool

  6. So nice to hear Giri speaking russian!!! 😁

  7. If anyone who doesn’t speak Russian wonders what were they particularly discussing after the game then briefly:
    Anish is interested were there any inaccuracies or mistakes earlier in the game before he blundered that Qc5 (which is actually quite easy to do even for a Super GM like Anish while playing on a seconds). And he asks if smth was wrong from the opening (as far as I managed to hear Anish confesses that he forgot the line with Bh3 followed by Rb8) and Dubov says that he have already played this line a few times before and Anish’s reaction with f3 and Kf2 was quite okay and with accurate game white should be okay but black have enough compensation for the material damage. Dubov than says that maybe 14.b3 was a little inaccurate and suggests move 14.Qd2 instead, Anish mentions 14. …c5 after that and then they both agree that after 15.dxc5 white should be okay (maybe even slightly better) because after queens trade despite b2 pawn being vulnerable white will have an idea of trapping the bishop on h3 with g4. Then they discuss the moment of the dagger pawn sacrifice 17. …e5! and Anish asks about 18.fxe5 instead of 18.dxe5 and Dubov says the he “counted a beautiful line” which is 18.fxe5; Qh4+ 19.Kg1 followed by bishop sacrifice 19. …Bxe5! And if 20.dxe5?? then forced checkmate sequence 20. …Rg4+! 21.fxg4; Qxg4+.22.Bg2; Qxg2# and if white try to trade of the queens with 20. Qe1?? then also practically forced 20. …Bxd4. 21 Qxh4; Bxe3+. 22. Qf2 followed not by 22. …Bxf2?? but by 22. …Rg4!! 23.fxg4; Bxf2# which is hell of a tactics in my opinion:)
    Then Anish smiles and agrees that it would have been an interesting way to end the game and then they leave.
    I am Korean who speaks Russian and you are welcome:)

  8. In Adelaide Novak Djokovic said" l respect Daniil a lot"😉

  9. Great game by Daniel

  10. Anish look on end of the game was, why you didnt wanted draw?

  11. the white rooks are still in initial position …. amazing move by GM Dubov

  12. Dubov is my favorite player ever, especially with black

  13. Dubov, the guy of that makes (the) fluttering hand gestures

  14. Giri speaks russian. I did not expect. Dubov is new Tal

  15. When I lose a game, I slam my laptop down and scream at the wall. These guys just calmly discuss what happened.

  16. Гири по- русски говорит?)

  17. Duvob was 3 pawns down nd still he manages to win
    Nice work done

  18. The fact that anish didnt start the clock shows his class

  19. Me encantaría saber que es lo que están diciendo

  20. Asi sacrifican y luego atacan los rusos!!

  21. Now I know the reason why Magnus prefers to practice with Dubov

  22. Crazy game! Dubov must've said to himself: let's go king hunting today

  23. Sarin, Giri, Nepo – fantastic games played by Dubov

  24. Duvob Sacrifice as Tal, until hunts King enemy! wow

  25. Just imagine if you could be Dubov for about a year 🤔

  26. Giri should have accepted the draw by repitition!
    Dubov such a fearsome attacking chess player in the rapids!

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