Anand unbeaten until he met Ivanchuk in Round 14 World Rapid Chess Qatar 2016

If it was not for this round, Anand would have been unbeaten throughout the entire 2016 Rapid Chess Tournament in Qatar. Ivanchuk in this game outsmarted Anand but this was only in the very endgame and it was simply enough to take over the win.

Please note this is only the game and no actual footage or commentary is provided.


  1. U feel anand was scared from the beginning

  2. always seem to miss something in these games but why can't Anand take on F6 at @5:11 instead of BD5?

  3. we watch all this with that music to find out that he won on time!

  4. This the way I wanna see the chess games

  5. thumbs down because I thought this would be live video

  6. No commentary. Might just as well get the game from my data base.

  7. anand was not outsmarted here he committed a missed-look on what is obvious.

  8. Well, the fact is I did not enjoy this video. Moves made too fast with no commentary. Most people would have no clue what is even going on. What a waste of time.

  9. Best use of music I’ve heard on YouTube.

  10. silly game its obvious ananad went so easy on him with this trivial checks he was pawns a head if he

  11. If Anand was in time trouble why not repeat checking the king with the rook forcing a draw?

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