A special moment | Vladimir Fedoseev vs Magnus Carlsen | World Rapid Championship 2023

GM Daniel King examines the game Fedoseev vs Carlsen from the World Rapid Championship 2023 . Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal:

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  1. It was an amazing game by Magnus 👍👍

  2. magnus best match through all 5 days. Thank you.

  3. Ja, vermutlich die schönste Partie. Die Königswanderung war beeindruckend.

  4. This felt like his classical games from 2012, it was amazing to watch live

  5. I've seen this game on other channels, but Daniel's understanding and commenting of chess is on another level.

  6. Hi Daniel, Today. the Australian chess championship begun! (Broadcast live in Lichess) Could you please consider covering a couple of games from this event? As Australia literally gets zero chess coverage!! Fingers crossed!

  7. Fischer and Karpov would have been proud to play that game. A positional, strangulation masterclass by Magnus. Amazing it was played in a rapid game and not under classical time conditions. Great analysis GM king as always. Recon this Magnus chap is one to watch hehehe.

  8. Happy New Year. Great work in 2023, congrats on 100k and looking forward to more of your content in 2024

  9. Thanks for sharing such a good game. By the way, I t would be lovely if one day you could cover Fischer’s chess championship matches.

  10. that's a master class in not forcing the position, my main weakness

  11. Wow what a game! Ty Daniel and happy new year!

  12. Carlsen playing like a Boa Constrictor is one of the most fiendishly beautiful or horrifying sights in all of chess (depending on your perspective). And this is against the guy that finished 2nd in the rapid portion!!

    Interesting to know your origin story where chess interest was concerned! Would you still had been interested in chess, do you think, if Spassky won and games such as game 5 hadn't happened? I remember I was always loosely interested in chess but it wasn't until Fabiano had his ludicrous Sinquefield Cup performance where I began to follow it a lot more closely

  13. Please please please stop creating the thumping noises constantly, presumably as a result of using the keyboard on the computer, don't you have an external microphone?

  14. I think this was Carlsen's best game in the tournament. Playing at this level in a rapid game is mind-blowing.

  15. This game also has a bit in common strategically with Williams-Karpov, Nice Olympiad 1974, which also grew out of the Huebner variation of the Nimzo-Indian.
    Same a4 vs a5 pawn array, Black's king finding refuge on the queenside followed by a kingside counterattack.
    Karpov snuffed out in Petrosianic fashion any chances for White along the b-file.

  16. If you didn't know the identity of either player and this was the only game you could assess, I think most people would be surprised when the identities were revealed. Fedoseev must have been pretty unhappy with this one. Strategically blown off the board, in a Nimzo of all things. As much as I want to give credit to Magnus, I think I have to reserve a significant amount of the blame to Vladimir. I say that as a Nimzo player from the black side. Man, that was ugly for white.

    Thank you professor King! Happy New Year!

  17. A great piece of analysis to start the year. Thank you. While Carlsen’s decision to pull back from putting himself through the formal competitive procedures of championship classic chess, as currently specified ,is a regret, his flurry of really excellent games in the shorter formats in ‘23 has been joyous, especially when we have the benefit of such eloquent and incisive analysis , using hindsight , a keen awareness of historical context and deep personal experience of the over the board dynamics to bring the implicit tensions and decisions of the players and the logic of the game into vivid focus. Despite a couple of early imprecisions, Fedoseev fought hard throughout to resist the strategic grip of MC, that never seemed to either let up or over-force and that resilience and creativity when confronted with a steadily losing position really contributed to the greatness of the game, at least insofar as I can understand it! Wonderful. Best wishes to everyone in’24.

  18. This really exemplified Carlsen's positional mastery. Amazing slow encroachment of his pieces on the enemy king, until eventual suffocation. What genius! And brilliant commentary, too 🙂

  19. Nice game. I've been on the wrong side of a slow push off of the board, too.

  20. Hi GM King, the game by Carlsen looks even more like Williams – Karpov, Nice Olympiad 1974. I bet Carlsen was well aware of this game.

  21. This was indeed a positional mastrclass. That day the guest in the studio on Norwegian TV was GM Simen Agdestein, who was a trainer for Magnus in his short period at the secondary school where chess is a subject. He called h5 a draw offer, he also mentioned that his best ever game was in this variation against Jon Speelman, I dont know if you know the game it was good and has similat strategic themes. happy new year to you and thanks Daniel.

  22. That game was a carlsen game all the way.if you want to beat carlsen you have to attack him relentlessly.

  23. Happy New Year! 🎉 And tank's for the good videos, always enjoing to watch them!

  24. Hikaru Nakamura showed on his channel that Kb3 was the big mistake! White should have played Bc1 and put pressure on e4 pawn. Then black could not move his knight or bishop, but now black got time to play Rook to g6.

  25. Great game! Please, cover the game between Karpov and Yussupov from 1995, which features similar motifs to those of this one. PD: I don't what's going on with YT.

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