A. Indichenko (1802) vs Tweedledum (1311). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Rapid

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  1. Надо исключать из лиги дебиловатых

  2. ESTE niño más que buen jugador, TIENE todas las características de ser AUTISTA.

  3. Sepertinya si bocil ada yng nuntun kok lihat keatas saja. Kayak Gibran saja. 😂😂😂🎉🎉

  4. Ini bocah kebangetan, lawan main nya serius dia santai aja, haduuuh…….!

  5. @13:29 the kid had Indichenko in check mate if he took the white rook. HUGE COSTLY BLUNDER! But he plays well for his age

    Пропустил мат не взяв белую лодью @13:29

  6. احببت الطفل كثيرآ إنه رائع حقآ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Poor winner. Should offer your hand to the boy and show respect and an honor to have played him.

  8. Çocuk oyuna karşı ilgisiz gibi.
    Oyuna fokslanamiyor

  9. The child does not even have time looking at the board😅 ..amazing

  10. This Kid have no respect in the game with any else. Good lost for him

  11. Невменяемый,что у него с психикой?

  12. После десятой минуты видео,я думал он сейчас на доску навалит.

  13. I think, when a man with a ranking of 1802 plays a child with a ranking of 1311 the game sjould be 'handicapped'. As in there should be a level playing field. So, for example. he should start the game with less time or maybe one or two chess pieces less (and I don't mean pawns).

  14. I like people's need to be supportive over child just cuz it is a child. Game was not that good. Kid played poorly. Nothing to hate him for. He will pratice and improve while hopefully enjoying chess for many more years. But "prodigy" and "genious" comments are just a nonsense. All the best to the kid and the guy in the video of course.

  15. É incrível o garoto nem olha para o tabuleiro!!

  16. Dəhşət . Bu uşaq heç rəqibin oyununa baxmır . Mən bu uşağın bütün oyunlarını izləmişəm . hansısa bir gedişi
    fikirləşdiyini görməmişəm .
    Bu uşaq hansı xalqın nümayəndəsidi ?

  17. Еслиб выиграл, я бы подумал про чит в ухе😂

  18. Он даже на доску не смотрит😂

  19. Мальчик держит игру, расположение фигу в уме. Просто не умеет еще скрывать другие эмоции

  20. É impressão minha ou o garoto não tá nem aí para o jogo.

  21. Ele o menino não olha nem para o tabuleiro.

  22. Estos no le dan movimiento al tableros no juegan a campo abierto

  23. This kid looses every time, what’s the point??? He seems nothing special

  24. C'era qualcuno che continuava a spaccare pietre? 👎

  25. Watching Tweedledum always gives me a laugh 😅 how he looks everywhere except the board lol. The ceiling seems to have been very interesting during this game. Maybe theres a spider waving at him !

  26. Допускаю, что вверху шли подсказки. Но даже если это так, мальчик очень неплохо разбирается в игре

  27. Yo no sé nada de esa madre, pero veo que el escuincle está seguro de su juego 😮

  28. 13.34 kid Had him at check mate Castle takes castle Or am I wrong…??

  29. jareku ae arek cilik iku menang
    modele koyok ngremehno
    dk sesuai ekspetasi

  30. Look at the child he seems looking at the ceiling like. Hikaru Nakamura

  31. Очень странное видео…
    На кого или на что мальчик постоянно отвлекается? Эта партия выглядит абсолютно неестественно!

  32. Maybe he’s able to play chess, but that little boy isn’t able to handshake 👎🏻

  33. Ele é muito distraído, devido a pouca idade ou talvez tenha déficit de atenção.

  34. That man showed him how real men at the game do it.

  35. Porque ele olha tanto para cima?🇧🇷
    Почему он так много смотрит вверх? 🇸🇮

  36. I don't even know how to play chess but i feel i would have let the kid win lol, too cute😂

  37. 17:43 its the moment that he think " no way, i lose , fuc…"

  38. how adorable kid.. I loved every minute of the game… especially the final part.. no worries buddy, you are a star.. keep up the great work

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