8 Players Get ELIMINATED | Opera Euro Rapid

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The next leg of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour is here, called the Opera Euro Rapid featuring Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri, Wesley So, and other top Grandmasters, minus Alireza Firouzja.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Game 1 – MAGNUS VIDIT
4:00 Game 2 – DUBOV DING
6:38 Game 3 – DU DU
11:32 Game 4 – MAGNUS DING

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  1. Hey levy, can you say "i'm gonna break my monitor, i swear" please

  2. The way you describe the games man, this is so entertaining.

  3. Interesting, no angry Nakamura clip, but when Carlsen does something there's always a funny clip about him 🙂

  4. Dubov and Alireza always have the most exciting matches

  5. this guy really hates Magnus lmao what a poor kid.

  6. I clicked on this video thinking "Why do I feel like Hikaru was one of the ones that got knocked out…"

  7. Magnus, +2 in Wijk, is washed and apparently will soon be overtaken by the likes of Alireza.
    Hikaru, supposedly the god of online chess, doesn't even make top 8, 0 criticism whatsoever.

  8. Magnus already qualified and is leading the tournament. He deliberately let Ding win the game like what he already did in his first round against Vidit;trapping his bishop deliberately! It's just he didn't play seriously with Ding! Magnus is so generous!♥️♥️

  9. Can you make a video on how to calculate chess moves

  10. The best streaming YT chess content is with L.R. Courses great also.

  11. Du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du

  12. "Here Magnus Carlsen played a move that I completely didn't understand but he's the world champion so maybe i should just shut up"

  13. The true beauty of chess lies in games like that of Hikaru vs Shankland. You can never relax for even a moment, and you must never despair until the game is truly lost. As long as your opponent is a human being, you have chances of winning; as Chess is the most fair of all games. Even a 1% can be converted.
    That was a won game ,very well played, by HIkaru that was lost on , what must surely be, a momentary lapse of concentration.

  14. Gotta love Radjabov. Wins one game on day one and then goes on a drawing streak.
    Nothing spectacular but make sure to qualify, just like last time.

  15. I'm glad Hikaru lost because Dubov deserved to be qualified with that 4 queen game

  16. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of sticking by your friends and rooting for them,,,

  17. Not gonna lie, I be sleeping on Radjabov. The man is insanely good.

  18. Magnus "kids are watching". How do explain that to my grandson.

  19. Heyy, levy
    😅😅 you should for sure search what's the meaning of dudu what u said in hindi😆👍👍

  20. I'm fucking stoked I found the move Bc6 in the Vidit game

  21. 2:00 so wazzhup gotham you're the new agadmator now huh. well fine by me

  22. Levy, I think Vidit is the first name & the last name is Gujrathi. So if you put Magnus's name as "Carlsen, Magnus" then you should put Vidit's name as "Gujrathi, Vidit Santosh" at 0:41 and beyond.

  23. Your Thumbnail is wrong, Hiraku should be the one falling.

  24. Just really getting into chess, moved up fairly quickly becuase of the London, Catalan, and Cato-Kann. Love these recap videos. It’s getting me to understand these GM games a lot better than I would just watching them on my own. Love the content 👍

  25. Every time someone says Jan, j hear "young" which is so funny, Young shishtov duda

  26. Gotham, plzzzz we need some Nepo games 🙁

  27. I reserve my due comment to wesley when the times come.

  28. Hollywood Hikaru, the elitist, goes down with a big thump!

  29. 10:58 queen c8? Black takes, white takes back and has a queen? Im new idk

  30. When Levy says it's a super grandmaster game, the next move is H4 or H5😅

  31. I have nothing against Hikaru but it's satisfying seeing Hikaru lose after he said Shankland would be an easy win.[

  32. Hi Levy,

    Could you develop a serious of videos on middle games for King's Indian, French, Italian, King's gambit, English, London and so on? I use the above openings as my main repertoire, and know them pretty well, but often get unstuck in the middle game, as I struggle for ideas after transitioning from the opening.

    Yours in hope,

    An avid chess player and fan of your content


  34. Duda is such an amazing player.

  35. who ever uses the "cactus" opening and the "porcupine" attack will win also the "barb wire" defense is great

  36. I'm starting to thing Levy only owns one hoodie….

  37. waitaminute waitaminute waitaminute ….

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