700 Elo Chess Will Make You Cry

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  1. this is the first time i got right what black moved

  2. Imagine watching this guy making fun of your elo level(I'm 700)🥲😭😂

  3. There definitely is Ms. Pac-Man

  4. 12:26 i guessed it lol since i knew its gonna be useless pawn

  5. 12:22 I unironically guessed f5. you have no clue how mad I am right now.

  6. Dude these guess the next moves are too easy. They're like 99% jank pawn pushes.

  7. I didn't think of anything until he said "not like that weirdo"

  8. Idk man, you’re saying you would report these guys for simple tactics I play as a 400 all the time and saw at a glance. My opponents usually see them too and stop me so I stay at 400. If 800’s are really this much easier than 400’s I need some kind of win streak to get me there so I can escape this 400 prison.

  9. I watch just because i just started so i can learn a

    little something from the gams

  10. All I've really gotten from this is that Levy does not know of Ms. Pacman. Never mind the basic chess principles or developing my game, this is what I'm focussed on.

  11. Where do yall find these people lol the 700 and 900 elo is so sweaty if I had games like this I'd be a gm

  12. Whenever you say I can never guess the next move, I look for the most random pawn move on the board
    This time, it was just f5 or f6, and f5 is less stupid, so easiest correct guess ever lol

  13. I think he is talking about me 😂
    When I play I don't see any thing
    Sometimes even forget if I'm white or black 😂
    Can you train me GM😅

  14. The rook on H8 does not believe in the government 😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg

  15. Plot twist: this was actually a match between Magnus Carlson and Gary Kasparov on anonymous accounts

  16. F6 was the third thing I thought. I was considering Qd5 or Rxe1

  17. A low elo person laughing at low elo chess

  18. How are they GMs? I can see GM prefixed to their names. Is this really 700 elo rated game? Too many mistakes

  19. My elo is 210 and honestly want to improve but dont know why, also weird my win rate on black is 55% and white 42% so somebody got advice

  20. My opening is great and middle game is good or incurate and mostly not reach at end games, win or lose before end game guess my elo

  21. im a 400around player and i cringed my ass out after watching all those blunders fr

  22. Disappointed in black for not doing the kloosterboer right

  23. 8:09 I'm a 1700 and it happened to me. It was an over the board tournament and I got nervous and I missed something similar (when I blundered I had 45 minuts )

  24. To answer your question, it's called Ms. Pac-Man, and her origin story is a fascinating one. It involves the audience of women gamers that Pac-Man garnered and a romhack called Crazy Otto.

  25. i'm doing all three things he said at the beginning :()()(

  26. Thats crazy because i am 200 elo and i play better yet i still get beaten by other 200s
    These guys just suck

  27. What's with all the YouTubers making stupid face thumbnails

  28. Btw gotham, im from the future and Ding Liren is our now chess champion btw😊

  29. there's a ms. pac-man since the early 80s 🙄

  30. Why you acting like they have a 100% clear vision of the game but they are acting stupid. Why don't you highlight the mistakes because clearly when you are in kinder garden you can't know that 2+3 is 5, doesn't mean that you are stupid, you just didn't learn it yet. The moved you are making fun of they're just not seeing them, they have an incomplete vision of the game, the chess board, the pieces, their movements, the plays, … Just about everything.
    The frame you use here is degrading and doesn't make you look smart neither mature

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