2023 Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz: Day 4 | #GrandChessTour

Live from the World Chess Hall of Fame, the 7th Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz is the fourth of five legs of the Grand Chess Tour. Six of the Tour players are joined by four wildcards (pairings below) for a rapid round robin and a blitz double round robin. Today is the first blitz round robin. Join GMs Peter Svidler & Yasser Seirawan, IM Tania Sachdev, & WGM Anastasiya Karlovich for the move-by-move.


BLITZ ROUND ROBIN | 5 Min. Incr. 2 Sec.
Ray Robson (11)
Fabiano Caruana (10)
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (10)
Alireza Firouzja (9)
Ian Nepomniachtchi (9)
Anish Giri (9)
Liem Le (9)
Sam Sevian (9)
Wesley So (7)
Jeffery Xiong


  1. Thank you to the mods who deleted my constructive criticism regarding Tania, validation that it was read / understood and hopefully will be acted upon by promoters for future presentations. It's admirable that you are defending her but the problem still remains that her presentation style in its current form is not fit for an international audience.

  2. ุญุงู…ุฏ ู…ูˆุณูˆ says:


  3. Where's Hikaru? He should be a better substitute for Xiong.

  4. Please bring back the eval bars, at least some of the time. It is really no fun to watch blitz games without some idea how the game is going. In longer time formats, the commentators have time to explain things between moves. I can understand why they don't want to see it most of the time for their commentary, but as a total amateur I really enjoy it when the commentators build on the engine evaluation instead of trying to replace it.

  5. Good to see Svidler again, he made himself scarce in 2023 so far.

  6. Tanya get your mic up higher slightly. Nice dress

  7. Really enjoying the tourney, a Chess feast for all.
    Looking forward forward to some thrills and spills tomorrow.


  8. Tania's constant hyperactive chatter, bluntly interrupting the other commentators, was really annoying.

  9. MVL is in the lead, as expected, he defeated Magnus on the online rapid tournament recently

  10. Love the lineup in this tournament! Alireza plays some wild games, so fun to watch.

  11. Yasser should stop suggesting words when other people are speaking

  12. It's not interesting watching the bare board without evaluation bar

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