2023 Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz: Day 1 | #GrandChessTour

Live from the World Chess Hall of Fame, the 7th Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz is the fourth of five legs of the Grand Chess Tour. Six of the Tour players are joined by four wildcards (pairings below) for a rapid round robin and a blitz double round robin. Today are the first three rounds of the rapid round robin. Join GMs Peter Svidler & Yasser Seirawan, IM Tania Sachdev, & WGM Anastasiya Karlovich for the move-by-move.


RAPID ROUND 1 | 25 Min. Incr. 10 Sec.
| GAME = 2 PTS
Fabiano Caruana vs. Alireza Firouzja
Anish Giri vs. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
Liem Le vs. Wesley So
Sam Sevian vs. Ian Nepomniachtchi
Ray Robson vs. Jeffery Xiong

RAPID ROUND 2 | 25 Min. Incr. 10 Sec.
| GAME = 2 PTS
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs. Fabiano Caruana
Ian Nepomniachtchi vs. Anish Giri
Jeffery Xiong vs. Alireza Firouzja
Wesley So vs. Sam Sevian
Ray Robson vs. Liem Le

RAPID ROUND 3 | 25 Min. Incr. 10 Sec. | GAME = 2 PTS
Fabiano Caruana vs. Ian Nepomniachtchi
Alireza Firouzja vs. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
Anish Giri vs. Wesley So
Liem Le vs. Jeffery Xiong
Sam Sevian vs. Ray Robson


  1. the St Louis club is bringing such joy to chess through its professional coverage. thank you.

  2. Where is the Live Board? Pretty bad having to watch the game between players on an angle. Every other tournament has a live board on the screen.

  3. Another large group of the chess community alienated by a poor choice of what is clearly a very unpopular presenter. Understandable that chess is trying to cater and expand the appeal of the game to a certain very large demographic but there are far better presenters within the available talent pool that would be a much better fit. For me, I will sit this one out and catch the results after the fact.

  4. Students of saint louis chess club are great players..😊

  5. I really wish Jennifer Shahade and Maurice Ashley can make it back. I really miss that team with Yasser. Always been my favorite team

  6. 1:00:05 I absolutely would have taken cxb6. Looking into an endgame it's the perfect opportunity to correct the structure. Especially with the queen laterally defending. Fixing your structure, for me, is a life altering reason to not capture toward the center. Also, it's interesting how that is such a strong principle taught when arguably the most famous doubling of one's pawns, capturing away from the center, occurs after many Bxc6 in Ruy Lopez positions.

  7. Tania puts on a phony TV host personality when she does the streams. She should just be herself.

  8. The almost complete disregard for the Liem vs So game is disappointing. They could have showed more of it. Let's make it a little more even St. Louis Chess Club!

  9. The commentators are such a treat! Grand Suisse on Chess24 was great and this is as well. I literally thought yesterday that it's sad we don't get to see Peter a lot these days. Cool field as well.

  10. I appreciate all the coverage and cameras but I hate the presentation format. I can't get invested in any game. Having the desk and Svidler all together might help.

  11. Sorry Yaz, there was a Muhammed Ali well before Joe Frazier appeared on the scene.

  12. It felt like an insult to Peter as he was there showing all the lines as Tania who is far more junior to Peter just sitting there
    So i guess switching the places of Peter and Tania would be better

  13. 3:18:10 Actually you're keeping your temper very well, Peter. Most of these failures to register your moves (in particular, whenever the squares go red) are because of the inferior sluggish server you've been saddled with, ultra-slow response on the computer side…. (Believe me; I've dealt with this crap before…)

    Workaround: if you turn off the engine, at least you'll be able to make the moves you want to make (without evaluation, but it's Svidler – he don't need no steenking eval)….

  14. Everything is about social or financial positions on social media. We'll all be laying flat 6 feet under soon enough. Won't matter much tomorrow.

  15. Hello Tania Sachdev!! So glad to see you back at SLCC

  16. Poor Svidler. He has so much to offer other than the engine analysis.

  17. I can’t believe Svidler, one of the great commentators ever, is reduced to being the board guy now

  18. No love for Svidlers' humor with the rest of the team. You are a genius Mr. Svidler. 51:32

  19. With all due respect to Ray Robson there is literally hundreds of players that offers more excitement and prospect to chess fans and chess content in general, e.g. Peter Svidler

  20. Svidler was supposed to use engine lines but he is not using it, what a legend

  21. "if you see a good move, look for a drawish one" – Anish Giri

  22. I liked the broadcast, maybe you can regularly replace peter with tania to show the lines on the screen. This way both of them can be used better with peter not getting too tired standing there, and tania getting more opportunities to commentate too

  23. Litterly what Hikaru stated, In slower time controls (rapid or slow standerd) Caruana and Anish would thrive due to very strong opening prep, where other players will have to spend a lot of time just to defend and not lose against prep.

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