1800 Rapid and Blitz in Chess!!

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  1. you had a passed pawn protected by a rook and king my man….push it! You drew an easy win

  2. Grats!
    Still trying to hit 1600 here (I play bullet though hah)

  3. I'm stuck in 1400's in blitz, way too lazy to focus and improve.

  4. Iam 1300 and didnt figure out Why iam there its a little to hard 4 me to keep strats in my head and stuff
    And i cant say if the Game is going well 4 me when i dont have the queen of the Enemy 😀

  5. Oooh, I know it's not your standard content, but I'm definitely down for Llama chess videos 😀

  6. Llama I would definitely watch some chess strat videos. If you’ve ever thought about doing it, I’d definitely watch

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