16-year-old Bharath Subramaniyam stuns Vincent Keymer | World Rapid 2023

It’s not so easy to beat Vincent Keymer, that too by a 16-year-old opponent. But Bharath Subramaniyam proved at the World Rapid and Blitz, why he is a name that should not be taken lightly. Bharath came all guns blazing against Vincent and manaed to beat him in round 1 of the World Rapid Championships 2023.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Vincent keymer is very underrated ngl he has a decent score against carlsen

  2. In my youth, I used to think Chess to be more suited for old people, now as I get older, I see it's more of youth game afterall…😎

  3. Sagar sir itne din ke baad commentry video we are eagerly waiting for it plz upload more

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