15 Min Rapid Chess #183 with Live Comments Trompowsky

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Black vs 1 d4 based on the Benko Gambit:
White based on 1 c4 (English/Reti Opening):

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  1. I like you 15 min games a lot! Even more than 5 min ones.

  2. Always love the 15-min games. It was interesting to see your safer approach to this. I've been trying for the early c5 rather than d5 lines but they are sharp and as GM Roman says, have some poison if not prepared for. 

  3. 13:00 Until you saw that the pawn wasn't hanging, it was an interesting decision–try to keep the extra advanced passed pawn or try to keep the bishops on the open board. 

  4. Not a single queen move from white for 30+ moves. That's funny 🙂

  5. Your line with 9. …Ndxe5 10. b5 Ng6 etc was very interesting, would have be fun! Maybe he wouldn't have seen 12. …Qa4 13. g3 Ng2+, winning his queen? Nice game!

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