$1.5M Meltwater Champions Chess Tour: Opera Euro Rapid | Day 9 | Commentary by P. Leko & T. Sachdev

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen & 15 more elite players compete in the Opera Euro Rapid, the 3rd event on the $1.5 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. GM Peter Leko & IM Tania Sachdev commentate live on Day 2 of the Finals. Watch the games:

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  1. Wesley is awesome when it comes to face Magnus in finals

  2. It would be funny if Radja and So keep on winning these tournaments back and forth. 😂

  3. Really glad for Wesley! He deserved it.

  4. I don't want to be down on Wesley because he's a great player, and also very calm and collected. Super impressive. But Today seemed more about the funk that Magnus is in at the moment. WHAT was that sac in the first game? I don't think I've ever seen Magnus being that rash. And then missing the mating attack in game four? This is not the Magnus I know. I guess my next question speaks to the curse of being the champion but…is Magnus past his best and we are now witnessing his slow decline?

  5. Wesley is a good player but not a World Champion quality like Magnus

  6. Magnus should not play in special days like birthday, christmas or maybe independence day. Man needs to enjoy.

  7. Leko and Tania you complement each other, enjoy watching. That Shankland guy is too technical, I got stressed out trying to follow his calculations

  8. The repulsive swimming concordingly frighten because hourglass sicily fear aboard a flimsy voice. righteous, helpful newsprint

  9. It seems Magnus is a regular customer now of Wesley?

  10. Congratulations to Wesley once again and to Radja!

  11. Magnus was not in his usual form. But Wesley So was just brilliant! Capitalizing on a super GM's slip is no easy task especially if you have few seconds to think. Anyone who thinks that will be easy is kidding themselves.

  12. Congrats wesley to beat the world champion,proud to be filipino yuo like pacquiao in chess.

  13. 1.5 million dollars? now 30k dollars?
    so confusing!!!!!

  14. Sgm W.So because you lift up Jesus on your fb in return now GOD lifted you up too❤️😇
    we're so proud of you and truly we're just a sinner saved by grace❤️😇
    GOD answered our prayers and big Congrats to you❤️😇
    We love you so much brother Sgm Wesley So all Glory to GOD and GOD BLess❤️😇

  15. And they said magnus will win. Ha! Pathetic

  16. Wesley is really naturally gifted player .. to excel in classical all he needs is a
    permanent coach for the preparation. My dream coach for him is Vladimir Kramnik.

    Magnus he seems a little bit intimidated with Wesley .. during the post-final interview
    because Wesley moved too fast he was not sure if Wesley blundered a move in Game 4 in Final Day 2.
    Probably, Wesley earned his respect after the former beat him in 1st Fisher Random Finals and Skilling Open Finals.

    If that was other player, Magnus would have had followed his instinct that would have given him
    the game victory.

  17. GM Sam Analysis is Short 🤔🤦‍♂️Sam performance is short🤦‍♂️

  18. Wesley so gave heartbreak to carlsen on valentines day

  19. Wesley is the only one who can really challenge Magnus for the World Championship Match

  20. My 2 favorite Chess players played in Finals. It's a win win for me.
    Congratulations Wesley 👏

  21. Yes he mentioned us! We Filipinos will always support you Wesley, Regardless of the flag you're playing for, we give you our blessings.

  22. d6????? and the great Carlsen was still reeling from the blunder Bxh3 of game 1.

  23. Congrats to Wesley
    I'm sure Magnus will strike back

  24. Was it only me to notice Wesley strange behaviour during play? It sermms he had 2 monitors and was moving a lot, checking something under the table and using his glasses to check something in his mobile? I like to see thus guy play, but that sure was strange

  25. I don’t understand what’s Magnus doing (3rd game)!!!! Missing simple tactics for Champions 😡😡😡🥵🤬

  26. Excellent commentators. Especially Leko, but Tania and Hari too. Thank you all!

  27. this Mr. Sam too biased to comment this game

  28. this Tanya Bitch dont know shit, all she kept doing was asking for why the bar fluctuated and what's a best move here . she acted as if she was seeing the chess board for the first time.

  29. Why commentators is too talkative…im just trying to watch the chess match..not hearing almost 98% talk about your opinion premove

  30. Congrats Wesley So. An inspiration to the world and to Filipinos..

  31. It is disappointing that we are systematically deprived of the computer's analysis at the end of every game. Why? Don't manipulate us like this.

  32. If there is no cheating then maybe Radjabov and So have come up with a formula that has helped them dominate this Chess format.

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