There are lots of things to do at the event that can help everyone have a good time. If you find something that looks good, go to and help us out!  To signup, click on this hyperlink to go to Signup Genius.

Floor Judge - Elementary/Middle School/Kindergarden

Well, really, “the adult in the room”. Your job here is to make sure everyone plays nice. Prerequisite are a love for kids and common sense. You will walk around the room, make sure the kids are in their seats and playing nice. No talking, no kicking the other players, moving the game along, that kind of thing. If there is a dispute involving actual chess, you call over the Section Judge.

Depending on where the event you sign up for, you will report to a different locations:

  • MIDDLE SCHOOL – Go to the 4th floor and find the Head Judge. They will give you directions from there.
  • KINDER section –  Go to the Kinder room 318 (southmost room on the 3rd floor past the “Parent Ropes”
  • Main Elementary Event – Go to the 5th floor in the main playing areas and ask for the Colin Southcoat-Want.


Very simple. You sit at a table with other parents, kids come up to record their scores. You write them down. Kids leave, mostly with smiles. Meet at the RECORDING TABLES at the beginning of your round. They are opposite the main stage on the 5th floor in the main tournament room.

Trophy Support

Help us give trophies to kids. At the end of Round 5, you make sure that the 5th round recorder always has each size of trophy available. Go to the Recording Tables directly across from the Main Stage in the Tournament Room (5th Floor).


Between 7 and 9am, come help us make others feel welcome. Stand at key locations and help folks find their team table, get settled and find the right playing space. May an anxious parent feel better and help bring Order to Chaos!

Report to the “INFO DESK” on the 3rd floor and ask for Shila MacDonald. She will direct you to the right place.

Info Desk

Help staff our “Info Desk” with our Leader Shila MacDonald and answer questions, calm emergencies and make people ‘s day a little more comfortable. You don’t need to know it all, Shila does – she just needs help!

Just come by the “Info Desk” on the 3rd floor at your appointed time and ask for Shila.

Set up Chess Boards

Come Friday afternoon and evening to help set up over 600 Boards while the kids play bughouse! Always fun. Bring your kids as well – they love to help! Meet in the main playing room on the 5th floor any time after 3pm Friday.

Prepare Team Tables

We have over 300 tables that need to be set up for the parents. Come on Friday afternoon/evening and help put signs on all the tables. Come on in and ask for Shila MacDonald. She will be busy wandering around the 3rd and 5th floors and will put you to work!

Section Judge

This requires actual chess knowledge and experience judging chess events. Please email Rick at if you are interested.

Section Judges meet at the main stage and report to our Head Judge, Colin Southcoat-Want.


Help us “get the word out” by putting up pairing sheets, getting info from one place to another, that kind of thing.

If you signup for a Pairing Runner, go to the Stage on the 5th floor and ask for the location of the “Pairing Room”. Norm and Ben will help you. (Shhh, its a secret where we hide them!)

If you are a Results Runner, go to the tables on the main floor where the Scores are recorded (that is on the wall opposite the Stage on the main playing floor).

Kinder Parent Wrangler

We want to make sure that our smallest players get paired with the right parent. Each Parent and Kinder Player will have a wristband. The Parent has the nae of the child. The Kinder has the phone number of the parent written on them. As our “kinders” come out of the playing room, your job is to make sure the right Parent gets the Right Kinder 🙂