Seats are grouped by the official school of record (as registered) and multiple schools may be seated at the same table.  Below is a list of schools and the assigned Tables You can find your table number here on Thursday, April 27. APPROXIMATELY 1 table for every 5 registered  players will be provided. This is not an exact guarantee and will do our best.

A note about seating. We provide these tables as a courtesy for free (folks used to charge for them). Please do not treat them as “yours”. We are a family operation and want to demonstrate good values to our kids. Share with others. Be kind. If someone needs a little extra space, please oblige. If you want to move, that’s fine with us. We do our best to put folks we know together. If we didn’t get it exactly right, just move around the day of the event. If you do move, please just be considerate to those around you.

A word of caution. we expect there will be a few errors – there is a lot of detail and we are sure we will mess something up. If you see a problem, just come to the INFO DESK the morning of the event AFTER ROUND 1 STARTS. Once most folks get settled, we can move things around. We have extra tables in different places to take care of the little emergencies. If you dont see your school code on the list – don’t panic. We will do our best to make some last minute tuning but WE WILL GET YOU A TABLE. We look forward to seeing everyone at State this year!

A couple of parents have asked me about seating for there Kinder Tots 🙂 We have a small “Parent Wrangler Area” right outside the door that you can sit and be comfortable. Please enjoy.

Here is a PDF of the table assignments


Here is a map of the tournament floor with table numbers.