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    No Checkin

    • There is no need to “checkin” at the event. All rounds are Paired and Posted no later than Saturday Morning at 7am. Postings are available on the Playing Floor and all Team Rooms.
    • Round 1 Protocol
      • Registered Players arriving Late (not in their seats and ready to play by 8:45am) are subject to forfeit of Round 1 and must go immediately to the  designated “Late Player Area” on the Tournament Floor to await instructions. They may or may not be allowed to play that round at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
      • Players not present by 8:45am will be considered no shows and may be withdrawn from the event.
      • Players without partners are to wait in their seats until an official releases them or assigns another player for them.
      • If the Player arrives late (not in their seat at 8:45am) OR the pairings say “SEE TD” next to your name, immediately go to to BOARD 1 OF YOUR GRADE LEVEL SECTION and wait for direction. You may be assigned a seat for Round 1 at that time.
    • Round 2-5
      • Each player must be in their seat and ready to play at the start of each Round. Failure to do so may result in either a clock being placed on the board (grades 4-6) or, after 10 min, the player will be forfeit.