Outside food is not allowed with the exception for medical reasons. The convention center enforces this upon entry. This was made very clear at the time the coaches approved the event. An alternate site allowing outside food to be provided was rejected by the coaches. Please respect the rules of the center and do not attempt to enter the facility with your own food. You are welcome to leave the facility for lunch of your choosing and re-enter. Please also not that our rate depends on the amount of food we purchase. If we do not meet our contractual minimum, the cost per ticket will increase next year.


You can Preorder lunch the MORNING OF THE EVENT at a location next to the INFO BOOTH. This will allow you to quickly pickup your meal at lunchtime. You will be able to pick up your food at the same location at lunch time.


Here are the Menu’s that are available. The “Grab ad Go” are small concession stands on the 3rd floor (By Kinder Garden) and the 5th floor (in the Parent Seating Area). There is also a “Gourmet Grill” on the 5th floor in the Parent Seating Area at the back of the room. Wait times are longer at the Gourmet Grill.

Concessions – grab n go menu

Concessions -Gourmet Grill